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  1. Anyone interested in Forming an Arma3 Canadian Clan based on CAF Units http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?148066-Canadian-Armed-Forces-Modification-ARMA-III ? : Please reply we can arrange a chat !!
  2. Sounds good silent I always have fun playing with PXS:cool:
  3. I agree these guns definetly needed fixing !! I am glad someone is working on that !! GJ I hope this process doesn't become too slow or cumbersome !!
  4. Gungriffon

    Gungriffons Missions

    These are MP and can be played SP but mainly MP... I update these often so check back if you like em ! 3 missions 1) "Clearing a Path" COOP 10 Ivachev: A Small German Recon Detachment Must Clear a Camp then the Village ! 2) "Clearing a Path Night" COOP 10 Ivachev: A Small German Recon detachment must clear Camp then the Village at night ! 3) "The Pocket" COOP 13 Baranow: A cut off German KG is breaking out to German Lines get your men out ! These Missions are Finals now !
  5. Hi I have made some realism based missions http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?my5r9m9bl1pcell Check em out !!!:)