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  1. Being able to have such a fine control what your stance is in Arma 3 is great, it's a great addition but I think it can and should be expanded upon, such as in vehicles. With these new armoured vehicles like the Hunter and Infrit the windows aren't really in a great position all the time when driving and if you're one who prefers 1st person and usually disables 3rd person then you know this can be quite a pain in the ass as your field of view is very limited. So my suggestion: Ctrl + W / A / S / D will change your posture or so to speak in the vehicles, so you're able to lean closer and further away from the windshield and to the left and right so you can see through the side windows better. A little example: Here's what it looks like as a driver in the Hunter Here's what it looks like as a passenger in the Hunter As a passenger you're slightly elevated and towards the windscreen yet it makes a great difference to what you can see outside infront of the vehicle. Another example Being able to change posture so you can lean towards the window will make a big difference as a rear-seat passenger as you can't see anything outside of the truck. Which also raises to an issue with the Infrit gunner seat, this should probably be put in the arma 3 alpha section and probably has been discussed but never-the-less, as the gunner in the Infrit you are limited to only looking left, right and down when not looking through the weapon camera, should be sorted out as it's really annoying. And another thing about the Infrit Is this intentional? As the side-view mirror is pretty much useless in that location ...
  2. WhiteArcticFox

    Being able to change posture in vehicles

    Yeah, the W / S should be higher and lower while Q and E are leaning sideways. Also I'm not sure how to make a ticket :o
  3. WhiteArcticFox

    Alpha Island?

    Wait, why was Limnos renamed Altis?
  4. WhiteArcticFox

    6.5 mm and recoil management in game

    What I find hilarious about this thread is that people come with videos of gun enthusiasts / military personnel for argument saying "See, the weapon doesn't ever raise" ... Well no shit, that's because it's being expertly handled, ever seen an amateur handle a weapon? Can't control it in the slightest, the weapon raises skyward, he loses ground etc. That's what I believe what BI is trying to re-enact here, you can't just go around and say "If my gun has too much recoil that means that my character is an amateur who doesn't know how to fire a weapon", no, that means that you can't pull your mouse down and correct your aim, not saying it can't go out with adjustments, it surely can, IMO the recoil while standing or kneeled is great, feels like the weapon packs a punch, but when prone the kick is way too slow, you fire a weapon and the kick is still going on .40 seconds later. Not saying everyone is wrong, but these are some quite ridiculous arguments to bring to the table, I find the recoil fine except when prone and I agree that you should be able to mount your weapon on window shells or fences or deploy bipods on the ground for better stability.
  5. WhiteArcticFox

    Wrong mouse acceleration in Alpha Lite

    I've got the same issue
  6. That happens even within the map boundaries. @OP Though aren't most of those things in the game already?
  7. WhiteArcticFox

    Things you wish NOT to have in the game!

    Automatically stand up when you're prone and you're trying to access the gear of a dead soldier, I absolutely hate and it has gotten me killed countless of times. Stupid stuck in place because your character is still in the "Throw grenade" "Puts hands in the air accidentally because you pressed the wrong button" "switching weapons" You should be able to move around while switching weapons, throwing grenades, raising your weapon from having it lowered otherwise you just feel restricted and don't feel like you're in control.
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    NV on Helmet(s) Animation

    I'd prefer the snap on / off as the footage from E3 showed if the animation doesn't have the character actually grab the NVG and move it into place. Somewhat like this:
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    ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

    how about just put it in the game, If your PC can't handle it or you want better performance you can simply turn it off and go back to old fashion 2D scopes.
  10. WhiteArcticFox

    ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

    It's still rendering thrice
  11. WhiteArcticFox

    ARMA 3 - still unrealistic optics

    Hang on hang on You guys are complaining about rendering the scene twice? As far as I remember the submarine footage showed Rendering the scene THREE times with the picture in picture mechanic, this is very much possible.
  12. ( I'm tired as I am writing this so I'm fairly certain there'll be lack of punctuation or sentences that don't seem to make much sense, just writing this down so I don't forget the next day as I often think about making this thread on these forums as I have been thinking of posting it for about 2 weeks now but keep forgetting it when I go to sleep ) A simple question, is there any word on what the mission editor will look like or whether it'll be improved and simplified for A3? Don't get me wrong, I know my ways around the mission editor in ArmA and I can use it fairly easily, but I'm wondering if it's going to be improved and simplified in A3 as I think it's truly a hassle in A2 to make a simple mission, often I find myself having opened 8 documents, 20 tabs on the internet, have hundreds of triggers, waypoints, game logic blurring the editor when I make a fairly simple mission in A2 and maybe if I want to get back to a mission I made a couple of months ago and tweak it a bit I find myself trying to search for the right trigger, find the right unit etc. ( maybe it's because I'm a bit unorganized in making the missions but still ) I know most of you have been using the mission editor since back in OFP days so I can understand if you don't want any major changes to the mission editor but something like an in-game Ext. file creator, document editor, 3D mission editor so you don't have to worry about something like if a soldier was put on the roof of a building or in the second floor of it or in the basement until you click Preview to check it out and then go back to tweak some codes to bring the unit to the right altitude or if an empty aircraft clips the wing of another empty aircraft etc. etc. Bottom line is : Something like a 3D Editor ( Optional for personal preferences ), in-game Document Editor and File Creator would make mission editing much simpler to work with, also something like already built in respawn mechanism, respawn location marker, revive mechanism, in-game note editor / task creator, artillery radio and placement easier, playable AI enabled / disabled pre-fix etc. etc. etc. would be very handy Thoughts?
  13. WhiteArcticFox

    Get in get out animation + more questions

    Why are we worried about details like this? Just have the animation where when you're entering in the back, open the rear door, get in animation, when in the vehicle you get warped into seat ( maybe a little touch for first person where your camera floats into the seat, somewhat like what ACE does ) We don't need perfect animations, just animations that show the player opening the doors and getting in the actual vehicle instead of putting the weapon on the back and warping to place.
  14. WhiteArcticFox

    Improved and simplified Mission Editor?

    Undo / Redo button, we can't forget that.
  15. WhiteArcticFox

    (not) Auto aim

    [EDIT: RiE has confirmed it's the crosshairs moving where the muzzle is pointing at] This will be very helpful, at least to me and others I know, where as most of the time you don't exactly have a sense of weapon position in the game and it's especially annoying when you're behind cover and you think you have your gun far out enough from any muzzle obstacle but then you fire and you end up hitting the wall instead of your target. Very nice feature and I support it.
  16. WhiteArcticFox

    (not) Auto aim

    I don't think that's auto-aim, what I think it is, is the crosshair actually being where the muzzle of the weapon is aiming, like in previous titles where you were behind a wall, the crosshair was aiming at an enemy soldier but when you fired you only hit the wall infront of you, because the crosshair wasn't where the muzzle was actually aiming.
  17. WhiteArcticFox

    Arma 3 FanArt

  18. WhiteArcticFox

    Improved and simplified Mission Editor?

    Did I say the editor itself was complex? No, I figured out mostly everything the day I got into the editor of Arma, as of now I'm working on a mission which I've been working on the past week and still isn't nearly finished. Say, did you read what I wrote?
  19. WhiteArcticFox

    Improved and simplified Mission Editor?

    You got me wrong mate, I'm not for removing features, not at all, I'm merely talking about adding features to make the editor easier to use, wipman explains it perfectly. In-Game document / file editor is so that you don't always have to minimize the game and go to the mission foldier, find the document, search about on it for the right line to edit. Just an idea to make the editor more streamlined.