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  2. The PRMumble Client has the clicking feature (but that's it). I am unaware of such a program. The aforementioned Virtual Audio Cable is the closes thing I can think of. Sorry. No. There is neither of the two functions. As much as I would like to include features like that, I cannot: This mod is not remote-controlling Mumble in anyway. It simply tells it your own ingame position and some identifying properties. However as an alternative you can bind hotkeys for those features in Mumble itself. Ofcourse that is limited to manual control. On a side note: There might be the possibility of a hard-core work-around, an independent mod, that involves virtual key presses to trigger those hotkeys.
  3. The main problem you will face is that mumble's link-plugin (the basis for this mod) is a one-way communication. You tell mumble where and who you are, that's it. Mumble does not give any feedback what so ever. I cannot even tell if the client has positional audio enabled nor would I be able to get specific settings without reading it from the config file/registry. I don't know of a way to find out whether the mumble client is transmitting or not. The mod itself can easily call those ArmA functions and if I remember correctly there are even more nice functions that would help you simulate the effects on radio signals (basically what ACRE does). You can even have a server side mod that relays that data to the client mod. The problem again is... where should this information go? The answer is simple: Nowhere. The standard Mumble client has no interface for such data. You would have to make a custom client to take and handle that data. This is why my current mod is so rudimentary. All the information we have doesn't help if no one accepts and uses it. In my honest opinion Mumble is a great voip program but it has quite some limitations. It is completely lacking support for the more realistic use cases where player positions should be retrieved on the server-side and doesn't allow any sort of pre-processing. Sorry if this is not the information that you were hoping for but if you elaborate your approach in detail I might have something better to offer.
  4. Mumble has the option to set an "audio cue" (Settings -> Audio Input -> Misc) that would mimic the xmit-click and hangup noise. However it might be that it is still audible when transmitting positionally too. Note that PRMumble uses the audio cue to help distinguish between local and radio comms. It should be compatible with this mod however I am not sure you are able to switch murmur servers. To workaround the permanent radio distortion effect, I think you could set the "On" cue file to a very long white-noise file. It would not distort but give you an indication of the origin by overlaying the noise resulting in a worse noise-audio level which you usually have in radio comms too. It is just an idea, I have not tested it and it might not work at all. Setting the codec to something really low will also give you a nice radio feeling. A receiver-side program would have to distinguish whether the sound is coming from the "radio" or sent directionally. While there might be distortion effect programs I don't think any would be directly mumble compatible in regards to the radio-pa-differentiation problematic. Other than hacking/writing a custom client I cannot think of a way to accomplish this. The program you are looking for would probably create a virtual mic and allow some special effects. Maybe something like this: Virtual Audio Cable or a voice scrambler?
  5. Sorry, if MumblePAHelper shows that data is being sent to mumble correctly then it is out of my hands (I'd still be interested in a screenshot to verify that). Are you by any chance using Mumble 1.2.5? If so try using 1.2.4 instead. Thus far I have not tested if PA works for the Mumble version 1.2.5 . Thanks for the feedback, that looks complete. (Just to remind you: I wrote some info to get you started here)
  6. Note that you should hear 2 effects: distance (sound becomes quieter) direction (sound is more prominent on the left or right ear) The first (distance) is influenced by Minimum Volume (Optional Setup step 1.2). Make sure your minimum volume is set to something very low (like 0%). The second (direction) requires that at least a stereo setup is working (check your drivers?). If this is a problem in the mod you can find out by running MumblePAHelper and making a screen shot during the game. The mod sends data to mumble which MumblePAHelper is able to peek at. The values in the X, Y, and Z fields should be updating when ever you move (avatar) or look around (camera). It helps running ArmA in windowed mode to simultaneously peek at the values while moving around in game (not necessary with dual monitor setup). If values stay at 0,00 then this means the mod is broken and would explain why it links but there is no audible effect.
  7. Thanks for the log file. The less mods the better but in this case I doubt the log will be much different if you have already tested it without success. I am assuming that you do not experience this degration with vanilla Arma (no mods at all). What parameters are you running arma with (do you use a special memory allocator)? Did mumble unlink or have problems with assigning the sound to the right locations during the low FPS phase? The log hints at a memory leak. Although MumbleLink is the last to write before the memory issues turn up those messages are probably separated by multiple minutes and are not directly related. The only reason to think that this is due to MumbleLink is because you are saying it is the only constant to the issue. Therefore I have done a code review to find what might be causing it. Unfortunately I have not been able to find any reason for a memory leak. Although there is still room for optimizations regarding memory allocation in the code. As of now, I will have to dig further into this and do some field tests and have to reproduce the issue to resolve it.
  8. Thanks for your detailed error report. I am very interested in solving the issue. Could you provide the RPTs in question (via pastebin or attachment)?
  9. Thank you! @feldmaus, can you please confirm that it is working for you now? Let me know if you have any more questions.
  10. Thank you. Request sent: http://dev.withsix.com/issues/73940 ---------- Post added at 01:35 ---------- Previous post was at 01:28 ---------- The idea is that mumble is already packed with the mod itself. So if you have mumble already installed you would have a second one. However that second one would run from the mod folder. I am hoping that withSix will provide exactly what you are asking for. However some more research will be needed. A custom launcher could do what you are asking for by executing or passing a specific URL.
  11. This is a great suggestion. I had the same idea lately but haven't come around to further think about it. I am unaware of any security issues that might arise. This would have to be researched. A cool fact is that this would also rid the users of the process of setting up mumble for the plugin as it could be preconfigured. And maybe this can then be registered as an App in withSix. .kju, do you have any hints for feldmaus or me on how to get him to be able to check the repo out as anonymous? thx
  12. You can now download this mod through Play withSix. However all setup for Mumble still needs to be done manually. Download using Play withSix! (website)
  13. I am using git@git.withsix.com:mumblelink.git . Make sure you have the ".git" at the end. I think that's what my mistake was the first time too. You can get the urls from http://dev.withsix.com/projects/mumblelink/repository . Let me know if that works, else I'll have to escalate it to kju.
  14. The code is open-source and available at http://dev.withsix.com/projects/mumblelink/repository . The license is LGPLv3 so you should be free to do what you want :) I am sorry that it is not very well documented (e.g. I don't think the squint-file is up-to-date). The LinkAPI is being developed at github and is still WIP. The project mainly consists of 2 components: 1. The sqf is the ArmA mod code. 2. The natives assembles the DLL which is needed to write the data to the memory where mumble can pick it up. Look for the README for instructions on how to setup the compile script if you need to. If you are interrested in how those two components communicate have a look at the natives_test for a simple sample/exemplary use of the callExtension paradigm. Feel free to ask any more questions you might have. (I am often in the mumble-IRC channel, so you can ping me there too). On the contrary I do not quite understand what exactly you are trying to achieve because to get radio effects to work you would have to implement a custom Mumble client afaik. To get a crude radio functionality (more like channel separation) to work you would probably want to customize the server with something similar to Mumo (I elaborated this Idea for the Minecraft version of this mod here). The minecraft mod already implements an API for injecting custom context. I have this planned for this mod too but to be honest I don't see me doing it in the near future, yet, sorry. Good Luck and do keep us updated about your progress :) EDIT: If I am correct at thinking what you are trying to do then you might want to consider modifying _context and _identity at those lines (35-37).
  15. Great, I am glad you have got it working now. Customizing those output values is a good idea, that is why I explained what they do :) The weirdness in the HMMV can be due to the 3rd person camera position. The voip will come from the avatar's position in the HMMV but if you are in 3rd person your "ears" are actually at the camera's position (but that is just how ArmA does it itself too). If it happened in 1st person it might be because of the fast movement speed combined with somewhat high ping to the mumble server. There is also a known concurrency issue with the link-plugin which I blame for these weirdnesses. Also remember, you can bind mouse buttons to mumble as shortcuts (might be more convenient than pressing a button on the other side of the keyboard).