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  1. Yes, this is partly the reason I am trying this, but also for a quick play through of the mission.
  2. This was the code I was trying to use but it also killed a BluFor group. I shall look at the other threads suggested. {if(_x != player && getPos _x distance getMarkerPos "someMarker" < 2000) then {_x setDamage 1;};} forEach allUnits; Thanks though
  3. All EAST AI within trigger area to be killed/setDamage 1 Thanks T
  4. For the purposes of testing; Is there a way that I can put down a Trigger with a radius that on a radio command will kill everything 'EAST' or setDamage to 1 within the trigger area? If so, how would I go about this? Thanks T
  5. I just tried it with my friend online and we both had the option to pick up Crate. Only one of us could do it and when one of us did it, then we were pushing it up hill like a hockey puck out in front of us on the ground. Heading in the right direction but not quite there. Thanks
  6. Yeah, I do not even get the option to pickup crate on the mouse wheel roll menu
  7. OK, I tried it with the init line in the crate, but if it requires two people I will have to wait until my friend comes online later. When I approached the crate there was no option to pick up crate so I assume this is the two player thing again. Damn, now I have to wait for 7 hours to test it :( Thanks anyway for all the help so far. I will of course report back T
  8. And that is exactly what I did
  9. Thanks DE, Tried your suggestion but doesn't seem to do anything. A couple of questions; 1. Does the crate need to be named? 2. Do I have to specify the player names? The way I tried your code was to create a carrycrate.sqf in the mission folder. Create a 2m round trigger around the crate with group link to the player 'Any group member present' Thanks in advance T Thanks
  10. Is it possible to simulate or actually allow two human players to carry a crate from insertion to an overwatch position? I ideally I would like one on each side carrying it Hope to hear soon T
  11. Hi Is it possible to change the displayed unit name of AI members? I am not talking about player_1 etc, more that player 1's surname is 'Davies' for example, so that when they join my group I know who is who Thanks in Advance T
  12. Ice_Rhino

    Creating Civilian Behaviour

    Thank you for your suggestions. I looked at FSM and did not understand it. I am going to try the code suggested above. Thanks to all T
  13. Hi All, Me again with my next stupid question(s). I have a number of civilians placed on my map that walk random paths. Also in my mission I have a number of OPFOR also walking on random paths within the same town. What I want to do is, when a civilian is near gun fire, or within a certain range of a dead enemy soldier, I would like them to run into the nearest house and preferably de-spawn. I don't really want to kill them via script though, hence de-spawn idea. Currently I am using a script for the BluFor team for which I am providing Overwatch that tells me if they are under fire; this addEventHandler ["FiredNear", {(_this select 0) sideChat "We are under fire, requesting assistance!"; } ]; This obviously only provides side chat messages if the team is within 69 meters of gunfire, I was wondering though if I could modify it to do what I wanted to do. Or at least use it in conjunction with whatever you genius' come up with :) Thanks in Advance
  14. Ice_Rhino

    AI Report Direction of Fire

    Hi DE, No I do not have the FiredNear distance issue worked out. I did not even know about the 69m until you just said it. I am not sure how to progress now then. Thanks anyway DE T
  15. I have a mission that I am working on. Four divers come ashore and perform a set of tasks whilst the player(s) provide Over-watch Sniper cover from a nearby hill. When the divers come under fire they report in that they require assistance using the following code; this allowDamage false;blu_divers = group this;this addEventHandler ["Killed",{ if (isNil "DeadDivers") then {DeadDivers = 0}; DeadDivers = DeadDivers + 1; publicVariable "DeadDivers"; }];this addEventHandler ["FiredNear", {(_this select 0) sideChat "We are under fire, requesting assistance!"; } ]; Is it possible to get them to report which direction they are under fire from and add that to the sideChat text? Also, they hunker down when they are threatened and I do not necessarily know why, any way for them to report that or just reset them on a Radio command??? The fire from direction is more important. Thanks in advance T