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    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    That's odd. Of course I was using the Capsule installer to install the game (I run using custom shortcuts afterwards), and what else is odd is that the issue only presents itself after the 1.60 patch. Additionally, having the backslash after the path in the registry really shouldn't be causing this issue, but I digress.
  2. Slizzo

    ARMA 2 Patching FAQ

    Hello, I receive the following error after installing the 1.60 patch when I try to run Arma II OA: Cannot open file 'E:\Games\CapsuleGames\ARMA II Operation Arrowhead - PC\\Expansion\dta\bin.pbo" Of course, the above path is incorrect, there shouldn't be two backslashes in the path name; however both Arma II and Operation Arrowhead run perfectly fine BEFORE I patch the game. My AO installer is version 1.59. Any info on how I can fix this issue? EDIT: OK, after poking around, apparently Arma 2 and OA are stupid in the way they find their pathing. If there is a "-" in the path as I have above, then the game won't launch after the path. If you ask me, this is pretty shoddy coding. That character is not a special character, and Windows has allowed - characters in their path names ever since Windows 3.1 or earlier.