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    Having trouble getting artillery working. In the script it has both the artillery and the ammo type. From what I can tell there is not class for mortar ammo. Is there a way to make this work for the mortars that I put at camps.
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    for the most part that should of worked. I would go through and make sure you got the rest set up right. Unit example
  3. Is there a class name for mortar rounds. Would be nice to be able to resupply those on location and not at a ammo box.
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    I've been able to get it working with simple class changes. I'm new to editing and DAC so I'm having some problems making it do what I want it to do. Units run between zones even when they have different zone numbers is one problem I have so they are not staying in the zone I put them in. Also I can't get arti to work since I have to have an class name for the ammo fired. I can't find the class code for mortar rounds. Please post if you know what they are as it would be useful for other things as well. Any one familiar with DAC could give some advice that would be great.