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  1. Is there any server with Balkan war mod?And if anyone play this add me on Steam:mreco11, its boring to play this mod alone :)
  2. did you have a plan to make the HOS?
  3. Hmm to bad man Cro forces have much more armor and equipment then serbian forces specialy in 1995 year in operation Storm so i make addon for m84 bosnian forces on end of war got 3 or 4 M84 tank :) ---------- Post added at 12:33 ---------- Previous post was at 12:25 ---------- Okay btw great mod just keep that :D
  4. Mod is great but you are wrong in one thing Croatia have M84 from 1991 and other tanks including german Leopard tank but Bosnia army doesnt have tanks until 1993 speciali M84 and can you make some addon to give Croatia more tanks im sure that you see Operatio Storm :)) sorry i have bad english