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  1. Good day all, I have the Logitech 3D Pro stick and now bought the Thrustmaster T.Flight Hotas X mainly because I think the hotas stick will help alot. The logitech settings are in the Options menus in the game but i cannot find anything for the Thrustmaster except for the Thrustmaster Warthog i think. Ive selected it but the Hotas stick part does not work, are there any other options (default) i can use that will be closer to the truth or will I have to resign every button/stick myself? Thx
  2. Some really nice flying vidz here. Here's my stupid attempt at flying/using Freetrack and posting a vid on Youtube. Such a Noob i am. I am glad i dont have the landing in this vid cause that was horrible. You can see im not use to the Freetrack movement and walking, i could not even get to open the cockpit door.
  3. Yes you are correct. Pity really seeing as Hinds dlc is at a very low price on Steam and much more here on Bohemia site.
  4. Thx you are correct. Just added the game as non steam game. Still giving me the error though. I think i will contact Steam support and hear from them.
  5. Hey all, i have the boxed copy of Take On helicopters and now i see the DLC addon "Hinds" for a good price on Steam. Problem is when i try and buy the Steam DLC is says "Your transaction failed because you are trying to buy a game that requires ownership of another game you do not currently own. Please correct the error and try again." Does it mean i cannot buy the Steam DLC? I have Take On Helicopter installed on my pc with some added DLC's installed allready. Any advice appreciated.
  6. Well i got my Freetrack setup working last night and it helps alot with regards to landing and taking off. I hear what you guys are saying about practise. My only real frustration is landing, even in an open area, not landing going sideways or backwards or forwards as is happeing. That cow herding video of BeePee really inspired me, but how the hell did you land so smoothly and got the helicopter to slow down at such a low altitude, wow... Watching hon0's video now, i see you guys also dont use the green marker, keeping it as real as possible. wow... and another thing how did you get to fly in that map? I thought one can only fly in Seattle and South Asia area's?
  7. So how do you guys manage to keep the helicopter steady / hovering just above the ground. Also how come every time i try to land it wants to go backwards. It's so damn hard trying to land softly and not moving over the place. I mean i try and keep the ball centred but it just moves around all over. I cannot think that practising will make this any easier at this stage of my experience. :confused:
  8. Yah well, i could not get a Saitek or Thrustmaster stick anywhere when i bought mine. Only after buying per chance did i notice a Thrustmaster buried away in a gamin store. Too late now. But my stick does not have force back. I have non force feedback one. THis one http://www.logitech.com/en-us/gaming/joysticks/291 It's not the most expensive but surely it should get me there? ---------- Post added at 16:25 ---------- Previous post was at 16:20 ---------- Oops am i allowed to put a url in these forums, cant remember.
  9. Anyone noticed that the one cow, I call her Miss Betsy, did not moved at all when BeePee was doing his herding exercise?
  10. Hey BeePee ive done as you suggested and turned all the deadzone levels to 0 and it works. Much better, ive also made my Y/X axis more sensitive but i think now it's a little bit too crazy. I'll give this a few hours of practise and if it still feels out of control and too sensitive i'll put the sliders back to where it was. Thx for the advice, i can now atleast land most times but still sliding around when landing, not a solid put down, more of a grind to halt LOL.
  11. Wurnman

    Logitech Joystick 3d Pro setup

    Hey thx hon0 i managed to tie in the Freelook options to the hatswitch. I had to use the All Vehicles option and not the helicopter one in the control setup.
  12. OK ill pm you. I found the Freetrack website.
  13. Thx BeePee, i will fiddle with my settings and practise for sure. Very nice flying still. I hear what you saying about TrackIR being expensive. What is this Freetrack? Is there anyway i can use my joystick or the hat switch on the joystick to view? ive tried every option setting it up but nothing works. i have hte Logitech 3d pro extreme.
  14. Wurnman

    Logitech Joystick 3d Pro setup

    Hey all, seems nobody have any answers for me or i just explained it badly. I really would like to move my characters head without using the mouse. I cant buy a TrackIR set at this moment in time but will do so closer to year end. For now i'd like the movement whether using my joystick or the hat switch (analogue stick) on top of my joystick. How do you guys do it that do not have a TrackIR? Surely you dont move your mouse around whilst still doing manouvers?
  15. Hey BeePee, some really mad flying skills man... WOW. You say you dont use HOTAS setup but you do have TrackIR? WHat is your setup for this game? How is it possible to keep your helicopter so steady without Auto Hover? Do you counter every move with small incriments or fast big movements? Thx (if my signature shows up in this post, i hope you dont mind, i used your helicopter idea. i thinks its a superb idea)