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  1. Gamersgate got back to me and claims that their testing of their server version of the game indicates there is no problem with the source. Just tried to DL again but still problems, albeit this time an error in a different file. I don't know much about networking, but I gather that, a very likely factor is that Gamersgate's distribution system is just not good enough to handle a game that large. I have no problem downloading very large games (or other applications) on this rig/network connection, it is only this one Gamersgate game (Arma 2 . . . well to be honest I'm also having some problems with my version of Arma 1 Gold from them). I guess it is just time to write off the larger games I own from their site and procure additional copies from other distributors.
  2. Thanks Dedmen. Me and a support volk in Stockholm (ah I guess I didn't mention, this is a Gamersgate purchase . . .) have exchanged a few emails and they are looking into whether the portion of the download that is corrupted is bad on their server copy. I am guessing that that must be it. Twice in a row, same error message during installation and if [ Ignore ] chosen, same error on attempt to run the app.
  3. The error reads: I tried installing the ARMA2 Patch 1.11 patch [url=http://www.arma2.com/download]here[/url] but no luck. Based on some very old posts pertaining to this same error (but with the Steam version) in which the suggested fix was to verify the cache integrity using Steams "Verify integrity of game . . ." function, I am guessing this is a corrupted package element during download, and the best solution is to simply repeat download/install?
  4. I am getting very close to an 'alpha' release of my first mission in what I hope will be a series of at least 3 (maybe more) missions based on the Soviet War in Afghanistan, the "Sheerai Veffudahr" (Faithful Lions) Platoon. The mission design is somewhat inspired by Fuiba's PMC Versus campaign in that each mission will be for 5 players and have a distinctively 'non-BLUFOR' feel. First mission doesn't have a single Western weapon or soldier in it, and that will be the rule of thumb. Player side will be Takistani geurillas and main adversary will be Russians. Mission is designed with ACE, and tpwcas script, but doesn't require anything else. Lots of AKMs, SKS, and that sort of older Russian weaponry. My question is this: Is there a way for me to set the date of the mission to pre-1985? The GUI date selection in the editor only seems to go back to 1985.
  5. Ah thanks Paul, I'll have to wrap my brains around that. Might have some questions for you when I'm not half asleep ;)
  6. Viktor Reznov has already helped me to solve this problem, but I'll leave the details below in case it ever helps anyone else. Thanks Viktor!! Here is how I did it: 1. In the "Name" cell in each of the triggers, I gave them each names t1 for the trigger corresponding to task1 t2 for task2, etc. Note, when I named the triggers task1, task2, etc. it did not work. Same publicVariable name or something I guess. Then in the trigger for task5 "Retreat to Safety" I have this: Condition: this && (triggerActivated t1) && (triggerActivated t2) && (triggerActivated t3) On Act.: ["task5","succeeded"] call FHQ_TT_setTaskState; taskhint ["Sheerai Veffudahr has struck the enemy and retreated back to safety!", [0.600000,0.839215,0.466666,1], "taskDone"]; =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Having some trouble with a trigger that is dependent on previous triggers firing. It is similar to the topic of this thread so hope I'm not out of line to 'resurrect' an older thread. I'm using some newer and rather specialized script to handle a coop environment (FHQTT); so I can't quite make sense of the help in this thread as it relates to my stuff. Appreciate any help. Players are five Independent Takistani Local soldiers named "p1", "p2", "p3", "p4", and "p5". //task1: Rescue comrade //"p5" has this: Initialization: _null = [this] execVM "Hostage_male.sqf"; null = [this] execVM "loadoutUnarmed.sqf"; //where Hostage_male.sqf is taco's hostage script //Associated trigger is like this Condition: !captive p5 On. Act.: ["task1","succeeded"] call FHQ_TT_setTaskState; taskhint ["Our comrade is free! Faith is rewarded!!", [0.600000,0.839215,0.466666,1], "taskDone"]; //WORKS GREAT--task switches to green in the briefing and popup messages occur as intended. Hostage gets untied //and joins my group (hope this will work in coop with the hostage as a player). -=-=-=-=- //task2: Assassinate officer Condition: !alive e1 //where "e1" is the enemy officer On Act.: ["task2","succeeded"] call FHQ_TT_setTaskState; taskhint ["The outpost commander is dead. Allah be praised!", [0.600000,0.839215,0.466666,1], "taskDone"]; //WORKS GREAT--task switches to green in the briefing and popup messages occur as intended -=-=-=-= //task3 Sieze Gear . . . players are Mujahideen who start with very little gear Activation: Independent present in a 15m radius around an ammo crate Condition: this && ((p1 hasWeapon "ACE_Map") or (!alive p1)) && ((p2 hasWeapon "ACE_Map") or (!alive p2)) && ((p3 hasWeapon "ACE_Map") or (!alive p3)) && ((p4 hasWeapon "ACE_Map") or (!alive p4)) && ((p5 hasWeapon "ACE_Map") or (!alive p5)) //I want this trigger to fire when the players gear up with better gear in the ammo crate. I figure // everyone will //grab at least a map and since only the SL has one at start this is working as intended On Act.: ["task3","succeeded"] call FHQ_TT_setTaskState; taskhint ["We have seized Russian weapons & equipment!", [0.600000,0.839215,0.466666,1], "taskDone"]; //Again, Works Great--Task goes green in briefing and popups occur as intended. -=-=-=-= //There will also be a task4 to ambush a convoy, but it is unnecessary to go into the details of that //here. Now the one that //is not working task5 Retreat to Safety; this task is intended to be the final task which will allow Mission //Accomplished some 20 seconds after. -=-=-=-=- //task5: Retreat to Safety 20m x 25m Independent Present trigger grouped to player group and set to "Any Group Member" Condition: this && taskState task1 == "SUCCEEDED" && taskState task2 == "SUCCEEDED" && task3 == "SUCCEEDED"; //later when I add task4 in there will also be a dependency on that one too On Act.: ["task5","succeeded"] call FHQ_TT_setTaskState; taskhint ["Sheerai Veffudahr has struck the enemy and retreated back to safety!", [0.600000,0.839215,0.466666,1], "taskDone"]; //This task does not fire as I would intend. I'm just testing (no opposition set and everything is grouped very close on //the map) and I can in 2min get tasks 1, 2, and 3 to fire as intended. However, when I run the group over to the //compound with task5 trigger area I'm not getting it to fire. //If I have each task named (task1, task2, task3, task4, etc.) in the Name cell in each trigger, can I instead use: Condition: this && task1 == true && task2 == true && task3 == true ??
  7. anthropoid

    Anthropoid Missions

    Ah sounds cool shay_gman!
  8. anthropoid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Ah, I bet that is it. However, do you mean the ACE module "Wounds: Everyone can use medkits?" I did have that turned on at one point because I didn't understand how medkits work. I thought they just allowed healing of 'no legs'; didn't realize they are what allows full heal in the field. A buddy clarified so I now have that turned off in the mission.
  9. anthropoid

    Pistol animation is bad

    ADDIT: just ran some 'tests' in the editor and I don't even think it is necessary to do any Bandicam as it doesn't really show what I was claiming above. I setup a misson on sap_everon (the island where I was having difficulty killing USMC with a bison SD last night) with ACE, ACEX, ACERU, ACEUSN, and CBA running. Created a spetsnaz operator player (the soldier type I was playing last night) and set him to captive. Put in 12 USMC private riflemen and one corporal in charge of the squad. Set them to hold in line formation, safe. Put in some ammo crates, and tested out how the bizon sd performs in daytime conditions where the enemy won't shoot back and he starts out standing. 1. At point blank range, a single bizon sd round to the face (and seemingly anywhere in the head) will kill a USMC rifleman. 2. At up to 50m the same effect (although strangely the animation for the solder dying seems delayed by a couple seconds relative to the announcement by the next in command that the SL is dead and he is taking command). 3. Shots to the body are of course considerably less effective. Nonetheless, at point blank range, a few riflemen died with only 3 or even 2 rounds to the chest. 4. I suspect that most of the apparent 'ineffectiveness' of silenced pistol/smg weapons really derives from other factors than the damage calculations for the pistol ammunition a. iron sights on pistols and many smgs are generally not ideal and this combined with some range or a moving target can make it difficult to score hits even when firing several rounds quickly b. With short barrels, I would imagine dispersion is greater for pistols/smgs as well I noticed that, if I took one very careful shot at their heads (which was easy to do as they were sitting ducks) I could drop a body armored riflemen with one shot at up to 50m. Less careful shots = it could appear to be taking more shots to kill him even if you see the blood spray, but that might be because the shots are grazing hits instead of solid hits. So in sum: never mind! :p It would appear that me and a lot of other people are a bit full of it with whining about how pistols and suppressed weapons are nerfed. Hmmm, would be nice to have a bunch of you guys who know a lot about this stuff in a discussion specifically about pistol ammo in Arma2. As grist for the mill, might have to see what I can show with some Bandicam performing some proper tests :) will see about starting a new thread with that today. Lets just say this: unless a mission places you in a situation where you have no choice, I see no good reason to use pistols in this game. SMGs seem a bit less useless, but generally also not particularly effective. Put suppressors on pistols or smgs, and it seems like your shooting spit balls! :p Many guys in the coop group I play with (Comrades in Arms) have been playing the games for years so they have the insight of comparing how pistols and suppressed weapons have worked in each installment in the series. They seem to say just about the same thing: in Arma2 pistols and suppressed weapons are highly nerfed and generally to be avoided.
  10. anthropoid

    Pistol animation is bad

    Unless they redo the ballistics for pistols in 3, I don't think there is such a thing as an "unsafe" way for a soldier in Arma to handle a pistol. It routinely takes 10 or 20 rounds to drop an enemy with a weapon like a bison sd. Hell I had it happen tonight fighting USMC. I emptied out a total of 4 64Rnd clips on four or five different guys, and it wasn't overkill and in one case they required one more kills shot. When you can unload an entire clip into a guys face but it doesn't hurt him because he is "wearing body armor" and your shooting him with suppressed pistol ammo, in that case, its perfectly safe to run with a pistol in your mouth and the hammer cocked back :p I say: fix pistols and submachines PERIOD. Yes, standard pisol and smg ammo is less effective against body armor, but I would imagine that AP ammo can ameliorate that a good bit. I don't have sufficient experience to know for sure, but I tend to think the way BIS has pistol damage modeled is a bit nerfed relative to reality.
  11. anthropoid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    I'm experiencing a strange effect in a mission I'm nearly finished with using ACE and custom soldier loadouts. Eight man team of spetsnaz (1 TL, 6 Operators, 1 medic) with different loadouts: loadoutSPTSL.sqf (squad leader) loadoutSPTOP.sqf (two grenadiers) loadoutSPTLAT.sqf (one light AT soldier) loadoutSPTMM.sqf (marksman) loadoutSPTRPK.sqf (2 MGs) loadoutSPTMED.sqf (medic) As you can see, the medic has the medic rucksack, and everyone else except the AT soldier has the RD-90. The medic's bag is loaded nearly full of medical supplies, everyone else has a modicum of medical supplies (couple bandages and a morphine). When I host this as a LAN or an internet and play with a buddy, the gear in the Briefing is correct; every soldiers gear and ruck contents are what those loadout files specified. However, once the session initializes everyone has all the stuff that was supposed to be in their ruck (rpg gunners with extra 75Rnd RPG can, etc.) PLUS most or all the same medical gear as the medic. I remember seeing this when playing Patrol Ops too. Appreciate any advice on a fix.
  12. anthropoid

    Any Farsi Speakers in the House?

    Buddies wife who is of Iranian origin helped me to revise my spelling so it seems to be more phonetically on target: Sheerrai Veffudahr ("Faithful Lions") will be the name of the player group portrayed in the missions. First mission will be co05_Sheerrai_Veffudahr_Fetnah.Takistan
  13. anthropoid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Thanks Kerc! Yep that works :)
  14. anthropoid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Yeah I figured that part out; the long script I posted in my previous post works in so far as the weapons, equips, magazines and ruck (even the weapononback) populate on the soldier. However, the items that are supposed to be inside the ruck do not populate. The ACE wiki indicates that the way to populate the ruck with items is to use syntax like this: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ACE_Features#Rucksack_System However I'm not having any luck with any of that syntax in getting the soldiers ruck to spawn with items in it. Appreciate any pointers.
  15. anthropoid

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Following the Wiki page on ACE rucksack features http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ACE_Features#Rucksack_System I've managed to fix my syntax so that I can get the ruck, and an "on back" weapon to appear. But I cannot get cargo to appear inside the ruck Could someone who knows ACE mission making help me out? Everything populates into my soldier at preview except this is not working (and rucksack is empty): [_unit,"ACE_15Rnd_9x19_B_M9_PDM",4] call ACE_Sys_Ruck_AddRuckMagazine;