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  1. Is there a way to create a script that applies to all attack helicopters in the game that'll allow me to tell the ai gunner to slew his gun turret to where I'm aiming with the pilot's targeting camera. I play exclusively solo and I'm tired of the ai gunner being terrible at shooting infantry and would like it to feel a bit more immersive.
  2. That is a really great mission WOW. Yeah if only he could make that a mod that can be applied easily to any mission.
  3. I've been trying to figure out how I can use the helicopter gunner seat in single player without a bunch of hassle with the AI or dealing with scripting because I have no idea what I'm doing in that regard. So I figured one way would be to be in the gunner seat and map my helicopter controls to keyboard and gunner controls to mouse or visa versa, so that I can take controls as gunner, get in position, then use separate controls to control the turret aiming because by default, the turret controls control the aircraft too so you just end up spinning around and messing up your aim. But it seems that the only way to map the gunner controls is by mapping the helicopter movement controls, is there no way around this? Why has BI made it so bleeding difficult just to play as a gunner in single player?
  4. Hello When I play ArmA it's usually in short bursts, I like to use a mission generator and just throw down a mission while in the editor and just try to run through it. Specifically I use MCC, which lets me do several things, one of which is create and save custom loadouts for the player, but if I download mod weapons they do not show up in the list of possible weapons I can add to my inventory in MCC, and because I only use MCC to generate missions and I don't spend hours setting up a mission, it's not really viable or reasonable for me to have to manually type in or even copy and paste special loadouts every time I want to use a mod weapon. So my question is, are there any mods that allow me to replace the default weapons that soldiers use, or would this be easy enough for me to implement myself using a pre-existing weapon pack of some sort. Alternatively, if anyone knows how to make weapon packs show up in MCC's loadout editor, that would suffice also. Thanks.
  5. Maybe 30 individual soldiers some with move commands and a couple vehicles. If it's in a city it tends to be much worse.
  6. ArmA 3 runs great for me with no AI or mission stuff going. But as soon as there's even a fairly small amount of AI it tanks my framerate and makes the game a pain to play, I've been dealing with it since the game came to alpha but I'm kind of sick and tired of it. Is there any way to reduce the ridiculous amount of resources the AI requires or improve my performance in some way? My cpu is relatively old i5 760 pre-sandy bridge.
  7. I'm having an issue with MCC now as well, when I try to generate a mission, just playing solo in the editor, it pops up an error on the bottom something about positions and then gives me this readout at the end and fails to create a mission. http://i.imgur.com/6ZcGq1W.jpg Any idea why? I never had this problem before but I haven't played for a while until the new patch.
  8. This is definitely preferable to UPS, thanks.
  9. UPSMON is causing my game to hitch up 30-40 seconds into the mission with maybe 10 guard squads spawned.
  10. Okay can you tell me if I have the scripts placed in my mission properly. It says to just put the "scripts" folder in your mission, which i did and I copy and pasted the information they said to into the init.sqf.
  11. I think this is what I used, is it not the same thing? http://kronzky.info/ups/ Also all the setup in the init lines of units is what bothers me about scripts like that, it requires me to put in an hour or two of work just for a very simple little random thing that I'll play for maybe 30-60 minutes.
  12. Hi, I only play ArmA 3 single player and all I really have fun doing is popping into the editor, placing some units and messing around taking out some enemies. Back in Alpha I did this using the skirmish dynamic patrol module, which was amazingly helpful! Now they removed that and added the random patrol module under "sites" but this module, or at least the way I know how to use it isn't doing it for me. Here are the things I want to be able to do fairly quickly and without a ton of work. 1. Have randomized units patrol around a specified town or area without me having any idea where the waypoints are or could be. 2. Have units be placed in buildings within a town, unpredictably and at random. I've also tried the urban patrol script, but I found that it made the AI extremely dumb, they would very often just ignore me completely and continue on walking along their designated pathway. It also wasn't an easy way to do things as it required placing the script in the mission folder and then defining a bunch of different unit ID's and placing a bunch of markers and IDing those as well and it ended up being over an hour of work for a few minutes of fun. now the Random Patrol module that's in the game currently, I've only seen how to use it by placing civilians and giving the civilians waypoints and all that but that isn't random or dynamic in any way. I don't know if that's using it improperly but that's how I've seen it done in a video and that's how they say to do it in the "show info" button in game, maybe it works differently if you put whatever information goes into the dialog lines in the module? But I can't find an explanation for that or what it would even do. I'm also aware of the universal war system mission on the steam workshop, but that's not what I'm looking for either. So if anyone can help me out with accomplishing the two things I want out of ArmA it would be awesome, this is all I like doing in this game and they've just made it harder to do between ArmA 2, A3 Alpha and final release.
  13. redpiano

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    I'd like to see a mod that allows me to control the driver and gunner in tanks. As someone who plays single player only and will not play MP for a number of reasons, the tanks have always been something I didn't use because I want to be the gunner but the driver is useless. Obviously it's not realistic but this isn't about realism it's about playability and playing gunner in SP is nearly impossible.