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  1. K.C.D.Q_lmacfly

    Argo points dissaperaing?

    ohhh nice man thx a lot
  2. K.C.D.Q_lmacfly

    Argo points dissaperaing?

    so I saw a lot of players who use equipment way over their level . For example this level 21 has an equipment like that : MK1 + silencor + AMS = 12 + 8 +6 = 26 points... how can he do it ? I can have barely the same equipment level 25 but instead mk1 its mk18 (AR) I took screenshots of that player. I don't suggest he's using a bug or worth. Just I think its unfair I want that equipment and I cant have it.
  3. K.C.D.Q_lmacfly

    Argo points dissaperaing?

    Hello, I play argo since the beginning and I totally agree with safenor. I reseted my tree several times without never noticed it but I've seen a lot of player rank 20 with a mk1 + silencor+ scope level 3. If you do the math, its more than 20. Moreover, I do remember that I earned more than one point for each level up at the beginning (3 first ranks I would say). So restarting a new tree was a bad idea for those extra points. Maybe one could be gift? :) cheers