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  1. Sorry mate, I'm not a coder (just someone who has a crack) .... would you mind giving me more information on what you mean by this please?
  2. Good morning all, I hope everyone had a super weekend. Im hoping someone can you give me some advice on creating AI spawn groups please? In my support based mission I reference a 'cfgGroups' file in order to control the AI spawns, see part of it below. What I am wanting to do is spawn 2x 'vehicles' in the group rather than just one. You'll be able to see where I have tried to spawn both a UN truck and a UN armed jeep however only the UN truck spawns. Is there a way to great 2x sub-groups within the main group for spawning AI? Cheers, Jas class Mechanized { name = $str_a3_cfggroups_west_blu_f_mechanized0; class LB_Support_BMechL { name = $str_a3_cfggroups_west_blu_f_mechanized_bus_mechinfsquad0; side = 1; faction = BLU_F; class Unit0 {side = 1; vehicle = sab_UN_Truck_O; rank = "SERGEANT";}; class Unit1 {side = 1; vehicle = sab_UN_Crew; rank = "SERGEANT";}; class Unit2 {side = 1; vehicle = rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_teamleader; rank = "PRIVATE";}; class Unit3 {side = 1; vehicle = sab_UN_Offroad_gun; rank = "CORPORAL";}; class Unit4 {side = 1; vehicle = rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_autorifleman_m249; rank = "PRIVATE";}; class Unit5 {side = 1; vehicle = rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_autorifleman_m249; rank = "PRIVATE";}; class Unit6 {side = 1; vehicle = rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_riflemanat; rank = "PRIVATE";}; class Unit7 {side = 1; vehicle = rhsusf_navy_marpat_wd_medic; rank = "PRIVATE";}; class Unit8 {side = 1; vehicle = rhsusf_usmc_marpat_wd_rifleman; rank = "PRIVATE";}; };
  3. Larrow, OMG mate you're the best, you've seriously made my weekend. Thanks for all your help. 🙂 🙂 🙂
  4. Thanks again Larrow. I've uploaded an amended version if you don't mind checking it out please. https://we.tl/t-uhpY2FvKRZ In this version I have included the modules that I have in my mission, they seem to be óver riding' your script when it comes to forcing the AI to move to a sector waypoint once it has been captured. Is there a different way I can command them to move to waypoint that will take precedent? Cheers,
  5. WOW .... this is terrific and complicated, thanks for all your help mate. I've got it working in VR editor, I'll take some time to understand it and copy it across to my mission on Tanoa, thanks again for all your help, there's no way I could have done this myself. 🙂
  6. Hi All, I am modifying a version of KP Support to play with my Father. In this 'support' style mission BluFor and OpFor are versus each other to control sectors. What I am hoping to add to the mission is to have a secondary BluFor squad / faction provide reinforcements at the sectors once they are captured by BluFor. The story I am wanting to tell is that SF are airlifted into the sectors to liberate and capture them, once they are captured by BluFor then a UN force reinforces the captured sector by sending an APC and trucks with food and medical supplies. I'm hoping someone might be able to advise / instruct me on how I can achieve this within the editor. Is this is a case of adding a script to the AI spawn units or triggers and waypoints. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance. Jas
  7. dragonflyfan

    Old pilot - new to ARMA 3

    Guys, I’m having a crack at modding the KP Support mission and I’ve got a couple of questions about the AI Pawn modules. Im wanting the AI soldiers to choose to ride in motorised/mechanised/armour ... is that something I can force in the attributes?
  8. dragonflyfan

    Old pilot - new to ARMA 3

    That KP Support is the best mission I’ve played in years .... thanks guys. 😜👍
  9. dragonflyfan

    Old pilot - new to ARMA 3

    Thanks for all your help gents ... I’ll check it all out this week while I’m on leave. 👍
  10. dragonflyfan

    Old pilot - new to ARMA 3

    Thanks .... am I allowed to open these missions in editor at all? If so can you point me in direction of tutorial please? Cheers
  11. dragonflyfan

    Old pilot - new to ARMA 3

    Just checking in for more guidance please. Is there a ‘quick play’ feature for helo missions?
  12. dragonflyfan

    Old pilot - new to ARMA 3

    Crikey that is an amazing list and looks like it will give me plenty to get start (again) on. One thing I do remember is that the ARMA community are very responsive and generous. Thanks so much. 👍
  13. Hi Team, I used to play a lot of ARMA 2 before kids came along, now they are nearly teenagers I’m reconnecting. 😜 My most favourite in ARMA 2 were coop helo gunship or transport missions. Can anyone steer me in right direction for best similar missions in ARMA 3 please? I like to play with my Father and get him back in as well. Cheers
  14. Dslyecxi (and ShackTac), I absolutely adore your LB enhancement, I can't imagine getting the same enjoyment from ARMA2 now without it! However I would love to see it available without the need for the ACE addon. Is this something in the pipeline? Please let us know. :)
  15. guys, I've found this thread very helpful with my mission. I was wondering if I could add to it. Is it possible to have enemy AI wanting to get the suitcase, pick it up and then take it to a position?