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  1. I've had a crack a trying to get it to work myself however, I'm stuck with the waypoint actually working. The sequence of events is like this: - Player lands chopper on trigger with AI squad loaded, AI squad disembark as per trigger script (WORKING) - Player takes off - Once AI squad out of chopper move to waypoint as per script (NOT WORKING) - Player lands and squad moves to chopper and load up as per script (WORKING) See screenshots below for anyone that might be able to shed some light on the situation for me please. Thanks in advance, Jas
  2. Hi Team, Is it possible to script a single waypoint into a trigger where the AI 'seek and destroy' within the radius of the trigger? I'm hoping I can make it without the need for the Eden Editor waypoints, I just want it so that when the AI squad activates the trigger they execute a waypoint, if possible it would be great to set behaviour as well. Is this possible? Thanks, Jas
  3. Hi all, I'm hoping for some expertise to help debug my mission to find out why when a player dies we get the 'your side has won' message even though I have respawn activated. See screenshot below. I am running a sector control, support mission. Does anyone know why this happens? What settings do I have wrong? Thanks, Jas
  4. Hi Team, Happy New Year and all, yes it's been a while since I've had a chance to do any ARMA 3 mission building. I'm hoping for some help with scripting to load and unload an AI squad into my helo with triggers rather than Eden waypoints. Currently I am using - {_x assignAsCargo helo1} foreach units group this; to load the squad into my helo, however I just found an awesome piece that allows me to group my squad - ALPHA = group this; into the squad leaders Init. I have also since found this - {unassignvehicle _x; _x action ["Eject", vehicle _x]} forEach (units ALPHA); that I have put into a player activated trigger to get the squad out of my helo. Two things I'm looking for guidance on please: - How can I use similar code to - {unassignvehicle _x; _x action ["Eject", vehicle _x]} forEach (units ALPHA); to load ALPHA squad into my helo? - Once ALPHA squad is out of my helo, what script can I use to give ALPHA a 'seek and destroy' waypoint of a certain radius? Thanks in advance for your help. Cheers, Jas
  5. dragonflyfan

    Player & AI Re-Spawn

    Hi iSassafras, sorry for my late reply, lots of family commitments. 🙂 This is just what I was needing, thanks very much for all your help mate. Cheers, Jas
  6. dragonflyfan

    Player & AI Re-Spawn

    Thanks for your reply iSassafras. I placed your script into the init of my AI gunner and the respawn worked great thanks, it's just what I was after. Is it possible to make a few tweaks to it please, see below; - Can the respawn keep the 'variable name'? I have a trigger linked to it to make the AI join the players group and move to a specific position in the helicopter. If the script is run and the AI respawns it does not see to activate the trigger again - I have a custom loadout on my AI, can the script remember the loadout when it respawns? Thanks again mate, I really appreciate your help on this one. Jas
  7. Hi all, Merry Christmas. 🙂 I'm on leave so get to spend some time deep diving into my mission. At the moment I'm wanting to disable the 'tactical strike' features within the support module. Is there anyway of doing this please? Thanks for your help. Jas
  8. Hi all, Merry Christmas. 🙂 I'm on leave so get to spend some time deep diving into my mission. At the moment I'm looking into how I can add some extra depth to a 'sector' mission by creating multiple or sub-sectors to force the AI through a location rather than to just one location, I'm hoping I can get some assistance. Currently I am running it so that I just multiple sectors in a town, then when the AI capture one, they move to the next and it gives the impression they are 'clearing' the town. My only gripe is that it is messy and I was hoping that I could add one sector but create a bunch of sub-sectors that the AI want to capture but they don't show up on the map for the human players. Is this possible, and if so can anyone give me directions on how I accomplish this? Thanks, Jas
  9. Hi all, Merry Christmas. 🙂 I'm on leave so get to spend some time deep diving into my mission. At the moment I'm having trouble with respawning, both players and AI, I'm hoping I can get some assistance. Players - I have the Support module and the respawn module sync'd and then sync'd to 'playable' characters. However when I run the game in Eden Editor or in an MP hosted LAN/internet game when a player dies there is no respawn. In fact if any player dies then the mission is considered a success and we all get a 'your side has won' notification. AI - I have 3x gunners that are AI that are set to join my squad and move to a particular position on the Littlebird when the trigger is activated. This all works great however when they die there's nothing more I can do. I was hoping there would be a module or a script that would enable them to respawn in the same positions they started, similar to a vehicle spawn. I have trawled Gunter's thread but can't find anything that suits. Can anyone direct me to what I need to change to get either / both or these to work please? Thanks, Jas
  10. dragonflyfan

    AI Move to vehicle position on trigger

    Hi guys, The 'movein' command works a treat thanks, I have the AI moving into custom positions which is great. Can I use a 'getin' command so that I can see them climb in at all, the 'movein' command just makes them magically appear in the position. I've looked up 'getin' and 'getinorder' however none of them seem to work for me. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  11. dragonflyfan

    AI Move to vehicle position on trigger

    Thanks for that mate 🙂
  12. Hi all, I have an AI controlled fixed wing that I have fly around the map simple as some added background movement, the idea is that they are spotting for enemies. Anyway I thought it might actually be handy if whatever enemies they actually spotted were reported to the map, is this possible and if so can you please tell me how? Thanks, JAs
  13. Hi all, I'm hoping for a little help getting an AI to move into a specific helicopter position on activation of a trigger. I can do this quite easily in the Editor using waypoints and triggers, however the AI get into any available placement in the vehicle which is not quite what I want. I found this script (this MoveInCargo [helo2, 1];) and placed it into the init field of the AI and it works great, the AI get into the exact seat that I want. However this happens when the game first starts and the AI is already waiting for me when I arrive at the vehicle. What I am wanting is for that script to activate on a trigger, which is what I have done in the Editor however it does not seem to be working. See screenshot #1 below. I changed the script to ([gunner2] MoveInCargo [helo2, 1] ) however that gives me an error, see screenshot #2 Any chance someone can tell me what I am doing wrong please? Thanks, JAs
  14. Wonderful, thanks fir your help gents, I really appreciate it. 👍
  15. Sorry mate, I'm not a coder (just someone who has a crack) .... would you mind giving me more information on what you mean by this please?