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  1. thanks for all the help guys, its great to be back playing arma :D
  2. yes of course, where are my manners, well after writing down the names of the files that were brought up (all of which where found in the add-on folder), i simply deleted them. Sounds too simple to work but it did, and no aspect of the game has been changed whatsoever (the files were to do with water-copy.pbo, uifonts-copy.pbo and warefare2veichles-copy.pbo)
  3. I was actually able to sort it myself, but thanks for the interest in helping lads, much appreciated (i will message a mod to lock the thread)
  4. This error keeps popping up when i try to join multiplayer games, I just purchased the game off steam yesterday (arma 2 and arma 2 oa). A list of about four files comes up with this error written along the bottom. Any idea whats causing the problem or solutions? (note; i tried re-installing both games but no dice) I first thought this was just with dayz servers, but it is with all types of servers i try to connect to