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  1. Oh ok thanks. Do you guys have a current server up using these mods?
  2. airborneguy

    Vanilla domination

    Yeah Im looking fpr one with no addons, any help
  3. airborneguy

    Vanilla domination

    Where can I get the vanilla domination atlas map for Arma 3? Thanks
  4. Spartan, I thought you were working on an A-10?
  5. airborneguy

    A-10C for Arma 3

    OMG...OMG...OMG This is beast!!! When can we expect this? Great job, will definatelly be adding this to my missions!!!!!
  6. airborneguy

    Adding enemy planes

    Got it. Thanks alot !!!
  7. airborneguy

    Adding enemy planes

    do i do that in the script or in the editor? Thnaks
  8. airborneguy

    Adding enemy planes

    Yeah I knew how to place a jet and set waypoints and stuff. I want to make the jet an enemy plane so I can lock onto it with missles and it locks onto me as well. Thats my question.
  9. airborneguy

    Adding enemy planes

    LoL thanks. I have looked at the editor tutorials on you tube but they dont even mention that, need more help plz
  10. Hi guys, I was wondering how to add enemy planes to a mission. I was thinking about using the buzzard but have no idea how to implement it. Suggestions or if you could point me in the right direction would be nice. Thanks
  11. airborneguy

    Top Gun [SP/Coop 1-16]

    @ rory, how did you get the enemy jets on the map? I cant figure it out, I am creating an air then ground mission but dont know how to spawn the enemy jets. Thanks
  12. I tried to add you through your steam icon but couldnt, said there was an error
  13. I would love to participate, can you add me on steam. airborneguy
  14. EDIT EDIT EDIT I got it working guys, I appreciate the help. I was wondering if you guys new of any servers that had this mod on it? Thanks alot for this brilliant piece of work!!!!!!
  15. I am not doing a mission of my own. All I have done was install this mod and the F18 mod here and went straight to the editor and try to use the catipult. I dont get the scroll mouse command for the catipult. What do they mean by sync it to my plane?