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  1. Trying out this mod with the game. Does it slow down the enemy carrier or not?
  2. I found this crash log from my DI 121 game, and thought it might help. NULL pointer to instance Class: 'Assault' Function: 'SwitchMode' Stack trace: scripts/Advisors/Assault.h:1452 scripts/Advisors/UEC_MilitaryAdvisor.h:1223 Runtime mode CLI params: mod deadlyislands
  3. BTW Species, it wasn't JUST one crash, it was several. And beside walruses not responding I had mantas for no reason stopping dead before they reached their destination. I had mantas that somehow on their way to dock got themselves stuck in the sea. I had a defence island that after loading the save back in, had mysteriously changed into a production island. And there was other strange goings on that I can't recall atm. I have not had one problem or crash while playing 1723 and DI 120. So you can appreciate why I am sticking with it.
  4. My game and system work without problems using patch 1723 and DI 120, so why would I, or anyone else for that matter, install a version that is causing problems, let them be, game OR mod related, whatever. I have a sneaky suspicion that it's the actual 1725 patch that is causing the problems and crash's.
  5. Sorry. I have messed about with it and sent you another PM. Hopefully it will work this time. I have never done this drive thing before. :)
  6. Sent you a private message with link. Let me know if it works.
  7. I guess you will need to get Species to post a link to version 1.20, unless you can find a old one somewhere abouts. I have it but I don't know how I could give it to you. Yes you will need to start a new game.
  8. Walrus's not responding to orders only happens with patch 1725 and mod 121. Walruses respond normally with patch 1723 and mod 12. So it does look to maybe be the beta patch 1725 responsible for this. Running the game with patch 1725 and mod 121 is a little unstable for me, crash's, bugs etc: I suggest you guys stick with beta patch 1723 and DI 12 for now, till things get sorted out.
  9. Do you think it would be a good idea to put this game up for sale on GoG? I think it would sell very well with it being a remake of a old classic.
  10. I almost forgot. When playing v121 I was getting a awful lot of walrus not responding to orders. They weren't stuck, but I would have to manually move them before they would respond to orders again. I have no idea if this was due to your mod or the new beta patch.
  11. No,no, not drastic. I am having a good time with the game, and I know that I have never had any problems with v10723, and with v10725 being new and virtually untested, best I stick with what I know to be stable for now. Just thought I would report the crash incase there where others.
  12. First ever crash while using the updated mod v1.21, game v107.25. I was traveling to a new island on the map and the map went into double vision and game locked up with music still running. Don't know if it's the mod or the game. I am reverting back to game 10723 and DI v1.2.
  13. joote

    90% off on Seam

    It's a shame it had such a bad start. Overpriced and very bad AI really done the game no favors. Released, as it is now, at £20 and it probably would have done well.
  14. I just tried my old (grip + nograin) mod and it works with the new beta. Then I tried adding it to deadly islands, and you are right it did not overwrite any files. So all is good, or it will be when DI works with the new beta. :)
  15. joote

    Development stopped?

    It's really nice to see further work being done on this excellent game. My thanks to the developers. Anyone who has bought the game recently, I recomend you try some of the very good mods, they allow you to adjust things to your preference.