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  1. Hello SA-Matra, My and my community are looking at hosting are own Wasteland server. We are looking to make massive changes to the mission files to encourage more teamplay and gradual progress. I see you are very selective about giving out your mission files but I thought it would be worth asking because I really prefer your version to the Tonic version. Your version of wasteland seems much more stable than tonics and we would really love to use your's as the base upon which we progress. Even though we plan to completely change a load of things we would still of course credit you for all the fabulous work you have done. Is there any way we could sort something out? Thanks for your time. Good job making wasteland fun!
  2. css_matt

    Stream safe UI

    I like the maturity of the Arma Community but sometimes it is so up itself it is terrible. The negativity towards what is a simple and effective suggestion is astounding. Its quite obvious those who are oppose it quiet obviously have no interest in streaming whatsoever and those suggesting blurring and such have no appreciation for stream quality. This could be a far more significant addition to the game than some of you may think because of how many viewers a streamer can engage. I watch Oshi, Chris and co and the amount of Stream Snipers they encounter is ridiculous. This is somewhat misleading because half of these tend to be running some sort of script as well, be it teleporting or invincibility. It kills the quality of the footage. Covering up, or blurring is just a poor make shift solution. Quality streams want to cover as much information as possible. Delay is not an option for most either, especially for this lot because they interact with there community as they stream. It would be a simple addition, and should be added. Whether it just hides information that people can use to find you, or alters it (Oshi7's name being displayed as Player6 #example)
  3. css_matt

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    So I upgraded, partly because I needed to, mainly because of A3. So far, its going horribly. Something is wrong with the GTX 670 I think. Ive tried updating drivers and whatnot but constantly getting display driver crashes and some artifacting when trying to play A2 and CS:GO Not really a clue what to do, gutted.
  4. css_matt

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    Ok so I did some window shopping. I know no one really knows how things are going to cope in A3 yet, and I wont actually upgrade until release but I was hoping someone could guesstimate how a system with these specs would perform, preferably with a 7-10k view distance. OS - Win7 64bit CPU - i7-3770K HDD - 2TB 6.0Gb/s RAM - 16GB (4x4GB) 1600mhz GFX - GTX 670 2GB Considering approx 1600-1700 quid, but 3/400 more than Id like to spend really.. (price should go down a bit by A3 release) Would like a SSD as well..
  5. css_matt

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    Well Arma3 is the tipping point. I would wait, but I am tired of poor performance in games like BF2 PR, FM and DayZ. I guess I can wait a little longer. Will be able to increase my budget as well the longer I wait!
  6. css_matt

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    Hello lads, looking for a bit of advice as im not all clued up about hardware! Im looking to upgrade my system in the next week or two, with the main reason being wanting to see Arma3 in all its glory. (And faster processing on Footy Manager!) At a push, I can budget 800 Quid towards my system. Got all the externals already (keyboard, screens, etc). I was wondering, is this sufficient for a system that will do me well in games like A3. Am I also right in thinking that games nowadays are more focused on using CPU rather than GPU, in regards to what one is asked to work harder? Thanks!
  7. css_matt

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    Project Reality (or similar) (Assuming its similar to the Bf2 version) Dayz Some sort of extremely advanced air based content
  8. I didnt know Arma could support 100 people, sounds fun. 128 is quality on bf2 PR. Im still not sure what to expect, really, because alot of people seem to have different views here. I just hope there are a couple of servers that lean towards a PR playing style, using a great deal of strategy to dominate, take control of/ destroy the caches, of Limnos. I know alot of people may find the intensity and realism of this style to OTT. To be honest, its the complete opposite from the CODs and BF3 but what would be awesome is an ongoing scenario if possible, that could take days to achieve. From what I have heard, Limnos is massive, with over 50+ towns? Can you imagine a gamemode where nearly all of those towns were potentially in control of the enemies and a threat. Would take a fair while to clear out each town. Would be so fun though. ==== One thing I would also like to see, which is also probably to OTT in realism is co-ordinated flight missions. I dont mean a mode designed for it. I mean where a group of people plan there own air missions to help the fellow players who are on foot. Maybe a scouting mission or maybe a raid, but it would be insane of this kind of style could somehow make an appearance in some gamemode in Arma. While BF2: PR is fun, helicopters/planes have much less objective than ground units, they tend to just circle and shoot.
  9. Ok so, I come from BF2 PR, have played a fair amount of A2 but mostly roleplay, the smoothness, or lack of, (pre patch) but me off trying the serious side. Arma3 looks absolutely stunning, Stratis is the best thing I have ever seen from a game, cant wait to play on it, really cant! My concern is how Stratis will actually be used, I have seen posts on this forum with people saying, public servers are not good (from A2 experiences I guess) This worry's me. I dont find fun playing against AI. My interest is in playing with a ton of other people, all planning, plotting and cooperating to be victorious. Will A3 incorporate teamwork as much as PR, do master tacticians take up positions such as 'commander' in Pr and organised there teams. A big gripe of mine, was vehicle controls in A2, most notably Helicopters. It felt really flimsy and there was no learning curve. Is this likely to change in A3? Will being a pilot be a sign of skill and earn others respect. ----- I dont really know how A3 will pan out, but the thought of battling it out on Stratis against a load of other people, cant wait! Also, will it support 64 players? Is it even possible that they could possibly try for 128? Thank you for your time