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  1. On last release of Team Speak 3.0.12 we can read : So what will be the future of Acre cause without Direct input for me i can't use Acre ? Thx for answer and sorry for my english.
  2. Any release for Altis island plz ? i think it s just a little convert but i don't know how to do it myself. Thx and again GG for your work.
  3. ACRE work like a charm for me and my friends... I have just a problem, we can't find the 117 in ACRE BOX.... Any idea why ? Thx.
  4. VTS become better each week..... Thx for your work L'Etranger....
  5. Great news, really Any idea of release ??? 1 week ? 1 month ? when done ? Thx.
  6. Waouuu you must have a problem, me when i host, it s about 1-2 seconds...
  7. Really gob job and update ;) Hope arty in Alpha 6 ;)
  8. it's possible to have an option in parameter for respawn with last equipement and not only with a pistol (all primary weapons and tools ?) It would be very useful for my players :)
  9. Baph

    Possible Memory leak?

    I've post on feedback tracker.... Just in case we've right ;)
  10. Baph

    Possible Memory leak?

    I agree, We play 2 hours multi mission.... (3 players in cooperative) About 1h30 i have loss of FPS. I think for memory leak.
  11. Just a question : Can we play Game master on red side ? (cause i like Red model ;) ) Thx