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    Development Blog & Reveals

    Here is another angle of the 'sitting' animations. UWaDlCxR4T8
  2. Booster

    What Mods Will You Expect/Create?

    The hallowed ACE3 mod.
  3. Booster

    Arma 3 Community Alpha - Announcement!

    Fact: I'm going to kick everybody's ass in the firing drills.
  4. Booster

    Too much muzzle flash and reload animations?

    This footage was filmed by yours truly in Sadr City, mid-afternoon 2009. Bohemia have got the muzzle flash bang on. Case closed. ZMXXQbTSQmI&feature=plcp
  5. Booster

    Operation E3

    Lord Buchta says you have won entry to a 'behind closed doors' Arma3 presentation, just turn up at his office and introduce yourself by your username.
  6. Booster

    Too much muzzle flash and reload animations?

    The muzzle flashes showcased at E3 were perfect, and you can't get better than perfect. If the muzzle flashes get changed I'm going to hurt someone.
  7. Booster

    Development Blog & Reveals

    You guys are finding some really nice details that I missed.
  8. Booster

    Development Blog & Reveals

    Thanks for pointing that out because I completely missed it. It looks really good.
  9. Booster

    E3 2012 LimnosRadio ArmA3 interview

    Hat's off to jerryhopper for continuously providing faithful service to the community.
  10. Booster

    Operation E3

    He is running, you can see the transition if you watch closely, and it doesn't look that fast to me.
  11. Booster

    Operation E3

    Contradictory info from Jay starting @7:05 1pHvShDHGlw
  12. Booster

    Operation E3

    What exactly were you expecting to see? The only solution I have ever known for making the enemy AI truly hardcore is to change skill and precision settings to max, were you honestly expecting them to behave like human players?
  13. Booster

    Operation E3

    I know how to tweak the AI to become extremely lethal, shoot the wings off a fly with an AK at 500 metres lethal, and I'm practically computer illiterate, so obviously the developers could have done the same for E3, but it wouldn't have been practical because they need to showcase as much of the game as possible in a limited timeframe.