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  1. I want to thank AvaitoMoser, ProfTournesol and Zulu1 for their replies! I thought no one was ever going to respond to my thread. I shall check out all your suggestions and report back. Thanks again!
  2. I had a copy of this mod a while ago but my HD died and with it, the mod. It makes Arma II/OA/CO look a thousand times better. There is ONLY ONE link for it that I've ever been able to find, on the entire internet, and though that link still exists ... it is a dead end. See below: http://arma2.filefront.com/file/ARMA2_No_Color_Effects;116117 It is hard for me to believe that a file can actually just disappear from the internet, once it has been released in the wild, but believe it or not, this one has. Yes I have reached out to FileFront, the host, as well as to the mod's creator. More dead ends. The mod is briefly mentioned and linked to in the thread below, but this is another dead end. (Yes, I PMed the poster in the thread who linked to the mod but he doesn't know what happened to his copy ... ) http://forums.bistudio.com/showthread.php?94263-ArmA-2-color-mod/page2 Someone else MUST have downloaded this mod at some point ... If you did and you still have it, please let me know. You could be holding the last surviving example of this extremely rare creature. Its only chance at avoiding extinction, now rests in your hands ....
  3. We are on the same page here--before I read your last post I had found that blood pbo and opened it and located the correct .paa file and used tex editor to convert it to jpg then darkened it with Paint ... but tex editor would not let me re-save it as a .paa file to put back into the pbo ... I'll try again and if I can get it working I'll send it your way in case you want to offer a "darker blood" option. By the way I knew that you were not the original creator of this mod but you still have done a lot of work to make it usable for us here so I very much appreciate that.
  4. Hey, thanks for responding so quickly! I actually managed to get it working through a combination of steps ... I was missing part of the "expansion" shortcut that CBA requires, then when I got that running I got a DX9 error, then finally fixed that and now the blood is there ... But having struggled to get it to show up, I now find myself distracted by the fact that some of the blood splatters can appear overly bright in certain lighting conditions. They look really cool, they're just a little too bright ... I'm guessing there isn't simply a file I can edit in photoshop or whatever to darken them, so ... is there anyway to remove the blood splats on the ground and keep the other gore effects? Love your mod by the way. Just the little things I notice right off the bat, like the vastly improved field of view and the way the area around your iron sites goes slightly out of focus ... it really makes me feel more like I'm "there," for lack of a better term. The weapon sounds (you did change some of the weapon sounds, didn't you?) also seem improved. So thanks for all your hard work!
  5. I can not get the extra blood effects from this mod to work. Everything else seems to be working but when I shoot someone there are no drops or pools of blood on the ground next to the bodies and bodies don't seem to explode from rockets either ... Any idea why everything else would work but not that stuff? Wounded enemies don't seem to be screaming as they lie on the ground either ...
  6. Thanks everyone for responding! The z fighting issue started for me at least when I went from 1.59 to the official 1.60 patch. The difference is not subtle. Terrible z fighting through the scope with 1.60, almost none with 1.59. But 1.60 brings a bunch of improvements I don't want to miss out on ... but I just can't live with, for instance, cars mutating and flickering in and out of existence.
  7. I know this isn't a beta patch issue but it still seemed like the best forum ... I went from 1.59 to 1.60 and now I have really bad z-fighting when looking through the scope. Fortunately I had backed up my 1.59 install so I can go back, but I would still like to see some of the changes that 1.60 introduced ... without the z fighting. Anyone know a fix for this?