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  1. darkcyde

    Carrier Deck Guns

    So, if I already had a type of deck gun, and then made another, but then wanted to go back to previous deck gun I would have to manufacture it again and then send to to the carrier? ie, deck guns once replaced are destroyed?
  2. Ok, so you can construct different types of guns, particularly useful is the front turret. I made a plasma turret and it was automatically installed, but needed to have an artillerly type of attack, so wanted to change back to shells.......how? I've looked everywhere!! Except the place where it is I actually change it obviously! ;-)
  3. darkcyde

    Beta 3 Download

    Ok.....I did try it about 12 hours ago too and it was the same. I'm guessing the server is stateside so they are all probably asleep atm! ;-)
  4. Hi all I'm getting an SQL error when trying to download the beta....anyone else getting this or is it just me? Darkcyde
  5. If the Walrus's could plow over trees like Suranis said, I think that'll make a huge difference. I've seen my Walrus's blather about trying to scale a pebble whilst a single enemy unit behind was kicking the carp out of it....and it didn't even stop and wonder was was wrong! ;-) And the enemy carrier.....sneak up through the fog till you can just about see him, and blast him to pieces with the plasma cannon and he doesn't blink!
  6. Congrats! What were your starting conditions? I'm only a day or so into playing, after quite a long learning curve! I'm used to a yellow interface I think! I've been starting with 3/4 ratio to me with enemy strength all the way to the left.....and I'm still struggling! Just getting my strategy right I think!
  7. Ok, you went a little deeper with the timings than I did....I didn't go quite as far as sitting with a stopwatch! ;-) Only point of note, I was taking the clock icon to mean one game tick/second, whereas you have taken it as two meanings....for Production it refers to one game second, but for Income it refers to one game hour....so there my assumptions were off as I had assumed the clock icon was universal for one second, but it seems to have more meanings.....so if Income is 620 per game hour, and Production was 300 units over 29 game minutes, then that makes more sense. That all seems sound, so I make another point.....if Income and Production is to be slow with only a few Islands, perhaps for the purpose of Beta it should have been altered to that effect otherwise testers won't realistically get to try out all the advanced items without first sinking the enemy carrier otherwise whilst your waiting for your replacement Mantas and Walrus's to be made he'll be ripping your islands a new one and you'll be completely impotent, as he does seem to be able to conquer islands much, much quicker than we can. On that note, just how long do others find it is taking them to conquer an enemy island, on average? It took me four hours to take back one of mine once I'd snuck up on him and blasted him to pieces with my plasma cannon (another bug I think....if you find him at one of your islands, sneak up very slowly until you just start seeing his control tower, and then stop and blast away at a distance....he doesn't seem to react unless you get too close)....if he were still out and about during this time, he would have made mince meat of some of my other islands in the time it was taking me to get one back!
  8. Please don't get me wrong...I understand it's beta completely....I used to be a software anaylst and tester, so I'm coming from a little knowledge. My point was that the actual losses and gains of the Production Rates and Material Income rates seem off....not the ratio of mining islands vs production islands.....I understand that the beta represents a very small island chain, thus production would be limited. Even with the limited islands, the losses and gains still seem off.
  9. Ok, that's makes sense....so how do think the islands get the advanced equipment?
  10. darkcyde

    Character Icon...

    Ahhh, I see! I did jump straight to manual control on one of the Manta but they must have obliterated it before I had a chance to get a look at it.....there was a little scorched earth tho! ;-)
  11. I was just attacking a Firewall installation on an enemy island when I zoomed in quite deep and suddenly saw a circle icon moving around....I hovered the mouse over it and it said Character....it moved down the side of the Refinery that was in the compound and disappeared! Has anyone else seen this elusive character? Perhaps it's a game element that's in the making and not fully implemented as yet?
  12. Ok, I seem to have found the best ratio with the current Materials vs Production behind the scenes calculations (see my other thread at here). I'm currently using 6 mining to 2 production, and that keeps a decent flow of materials in verses production usage. Anyone got any thoughts on this? In addition, what do the defense islands actually do? Beef up your front line islands? Also, is there any way to increase the islands defenses overall?
  13. Hi I'm a little confused about income of material from mining and production rates. Here's how I see it at the moment... I am considering time to be one tick of the clock...given how slowly time flows even in warp, I assume a tick to be one game minute. Given that some items take say 80 ticks, this seems a reasonable conclusion. I have 4 islands on Mining, and 2 on Production giving me a Material Income of 595 per tick and a Production Rate of 2.8. Next to each item there is a Production Time in Ticks...take an example of a Bomb....Materials Required 4000, Time 64. I assume if my Production Rate was 1, then this item would take 64 ticks. My actual Production Rate is 2.8, therefore I assume 64/2.8=22.85 ticks. However, it seems to be taking many more ticks than even 64. Also, 4000 materials / 64 ticks = 62.5 materials required per tick....however, my available materials remains at zero during production suggesting that my Income vs Expenditure ratio is off and I'm using more materials per tick than I am creating, however 595 income per tick - 62.5 used in production = 532.5 gain per tick. I'm currently using the Non-navigational waters Timewarp loophole to sit waiting for a long production queue to run having defeated the enemy carrier and it's taking a loooooooong time. Trying to warp from island to island waiting for supplies to be created was not working because I was using all the warp time to create fuel packs to maintain my continual warping thus leaving no production time for anything else....sitting out of warp waiting for the production queue isn't feasible as it would take literally hours of real-time! Am I correct in my assumptions here? Anyone got any comments on this? I have raised a ticket this all these calculations. EDIT : I have just tried changing a production island to mining, and that's changed my Production Rate to 1.2, and material income to 775. This has effected all values next to the Production Items, and the Bomb now takes 153 ticks and my Material available is increasing with each tick, but still not by the amount I would expect. However, I've also thought that obviously if the Production Time changes, then this would have an impact on the Materials used per tick? So if my Production Rate is 1.2, 4000 time / 153 ticks = 26.14 materials required per tick * 1.2 = 31.37 actual materials per tick....so a Premium is added to the materials required? Seems a little unbalanced then in my opinion. There's no benefit then to faster production, as your materials income would need to be faster thus putting you in the position of unbalanced income vs expenditure and you end up waiting for materials to complete your production, ergo your actual Production Rate is slowed because of this.
  14. I just bumped into him... I tried launching the Mantas but when I was clicking on the EC in the map, it kept bringing up the nearest island details rather than targeting him.... So I just headed in with my carrier and we started exchanging fire... He blasted my Mantas off the flight deck before they even had a chance to react... So I used the main cannon to put some holes in him... We past broadside and I swung straight round, and I thought "great", my cannons are on the front, and all he has is machine guns that may be able to reach me.... But he had started swinging round too so I blasted along his hull with plasma.......... and then the game crashed! :-( I'm finding the game extremely difficult....I've taken the unoccupied island, but then whichever island I try to select my officer says we are not strong enough to attack them yet....so I try for the weakest I can find, but my Mantas get blown out of the sky, and my Walrus' fumble about till they get destoryed! Are we supposed to manual everything in on the attack or something??? I remember the fighting AI much better on the Atari ST original.....might be time to dig out my ST emulator....I think I have the disk image for Carrier Command somewhere!! ;-)
  15. Yeah, that'll be sweet. What's ur control setup? I use a modified Cyborg 3D joystick (I removed the centering spring for more realism), Saitek Proflight pedals and a Nostromo Speedpad for trim alterations. I also have a triple screen monitor array with a width of 5050 or so pixels....but that's untested in ToH right now....also looking at using a webcam for head tracking in place of TrackIR