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  1. They are not banned from the game, they are banned from BE's Service, therefore they can not join any BE enabled server, but still play the game otherwise. Both games have non-BE servers and even if they didn't, it wouldn't be BE's problem legal wise as they agreed to BE's EULA.
  2. nik21

    Multiplayer dying fast??

    Well, the 2 servers have been full for serveral hours yesterday as well as today, and I still got up to 50-60 fps in the wilderness with 5+ hours server uptime. So client performance is really good, however there's some rubberbanding and desync going on, but I guess that's network related (server fps probably low). Will the code optimizations be included in the patch tomorrow?
  3. More so because it is poorly optimized in this regard, I would understand if the game lags if all - or at least one - of my 4 CPU cores were @ 100% load, but nope, on most MP servers with more than 30 players you will get below 30 fps, with more than 40 players often below or around 20 fps while all CPU cores are at ~40% load.. and your video settings don't even matter, it's just that something in multiplayer completely cripples your framerate without any of the hardware components of the client being remotely close to their limits. Battlefield 3/ 4 for example scale very well with up to 8 cores and even on 64 player matches I get a constant framerate of 45+ in those games with 80-100% load on all 4 CPU cores. Benchmarks have shown that Battlefield even puts >70% load on all 8 cores of an octacore-CPU in Multiplayer matches, that is called proper optimization ladies and gentlemen. Very much doubt that, there's enough other games with modding support and a proper server-client architecture. I guess it would just require a rewrite of the current scripting engine which should have happened a long time ago, as it would not only solve a lot of the performance issues but also add a lot of security (clients shouldn't be able to execute scripts whenever they want to). That's pretty much the same thing DayZ has moved to... secure server-side scripting.
  4. nik21

    Multiplayer not in playable state

    Pretty much this... Client fps with 30 or more players often go below 30 or even 20 which is very close to being unplayable, and it's not affected by the rendering at all, you can turn your video settings all the way down and look in the sky, your fps will still stay around 20 (that's at least what players expierience on most of the servers), even though all cores of the CPU are below 50% load. That was one of the biggest issues Arma 2 had and is IMO the #1 issue Arma 3 has. The Multiplayer performance is just a complete game killer. And playing with less than 20 players on a 280 km² map is not that fun either.
  5. What kick messages are occuring exactly? It seems like you have set up wrong/ incompatible BE Filters.
  6. Well, maybe you can't do anything because the clients already lost connection when they are being removed from the server? Or does that happen to every player?
  7. It happens when the authentication fails, e.g. when a player is losing connection, his game crashes or when he's using a pirated copy.
  8. Of course it does, but it depends on your Settings, Sherlock. ;)
  9. Probably working on DayZ only, guess what he's doing? Re-writing the server-client architecture, with network bubble and all that stuff. What Arma 3 should have had from the beginning.
  10. This Test is about GPU benchmarks so they have to make sure that the CPU is limiting as little as possible.
  11. It's due to the outdated server-client architecture... and therefore because of bad servers/ bad mission scripting.
  12. @CiforDayZServer All posts from you here have been a wall of... bullshit. You don't even remotely understand how things work, yet you think you're in the position to discuss/ blame BE. And now don't come and say "I had a dayz server...." lmao.