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  1. Okay today i finally got an answer on my support ticket: After 29 hrs of contacting and 2 days after paying I finally got my key. I was really close to charge back my money.
  2. Im really thinking about to charge back my money since the support doesnt answer and i didnt any informations about my order and its status.
  3. I took the one that was replied by paypal
  4. I want atleast a downloadlink for this game just gimme a downloadlink :(
  5. I tried this right now, and it redirects me to my order information where it says the payment is still pending although its been taken away from my bank account At least i got some informations..
  6. I have purchased A3 yesterday at 23.00 MEZ and didn't recieved anything except the confirmation of Paypal that they got my money. I wrote to the support, but they still didnt answered I dont even know if Bohemia knows that i have purchased A3 because its not in the "my games" list on the store website.
  7. Ive purchased it about 8hrs ago via paypal and still didnt recieved anything.
  8. Hello dear BIS Community, My problem since long time is that i have some real bad sound issues in Arma 2 Combined Operations. So heres my problem: The ingame sounds like gunfire, walking sound, engine sounds, are all as twice loud on the right headset side than on the left one. This makes Spotting impossbile. I've tried nearly everything i could find but nothing helped. I reinstalled DirectX11, Arma 2 and all its patches like 5 times, i've updated all drivers, run as administator, added those parameters -dsound --openal but nothing worked. I have this problem since september 2011 when i got my new PC, vefore it just worked fine. My PC specs: OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit Motherboard: Asus P8P67 Rev 3.0 (Onboard soundcard realtek HD) CPU: Intel i7 2600k Graphiccard: Nvidia 580GTX RAM: 8GB I play with my Logitech G930 Headphones. I hope you can help me and sorry for my english :) ---------- Post added at 17:02 ---------- Previous post was at 15:08 ---------- *Bump* No solutions?
  9. Lonewolf55

    Real Life Photography/Photo Editing II - NO IMAGES >100kb

    Wow very talented guys. I hope i can make some nice photos in vacation with my Nikkon D3100 too.
  10. Lonewolf55

    DayZ as a Standalone game...?

    In my opinion its should be a standalone game. Today i tried to play Arma as back in the old days but when i searched for servers there only appear DayZ server and there are tons of them.