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  1. To me, that little plop is kind of like a knock on my subconscious, reminding me, that through all this amazing content that BI has provided, I'm still playing a game in alpha. :D Lol I noticed this too. Kind of strange and I hope it gets addressed- most likely will though!
  2. So, learning about neutralization and suppression isn't considered useful? I mean, I just learned something I had previously misunderstood- that's quite useful. Also, isn't this a forum? A place to discuss, suggest, joke, learn, debate, and overall a place for players to communicate? While I understand where you're coming from, as in the Devs might not look into this post, I completely disagree with you about 'disturbing' people's discussion time- It is completely oxymoron, since people choose to be on the internet, and choose what they read, who they communicate (discuss) with, what they see, when they do it and when they don't. Back on topic, I agree with OP. Although, so far after 58 hours, I have been pinned down by the AI many times (although they were custom scenarios) and it was awesome. Also, thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  3. The Fictional MX Rifle series, why?

    RULE OF COOL! It always wins.
  4. Urban Patrol Script

    *Edit* Whoops, never mind, got it working and it is freaking great!
  5. Better animations?

    I hope they let us keep the current walk animation, but also have more alert and serious ones as well. I prefer to play OPFOR, and kind of have this image of my character being a PMC of some sort, and walking more relaxed fits this image of mine. That's just me though.
  6. Would be really nice to test even more quickly, while keeping things fresh and interesting. Which randomly generated missions could help provide!
  7. Very nice! :cool: all the possibilities...
  8. This did kind of confuse me, since I watched the gameplay teaser where they steal a OPFOR uniform, plant charges and then escape. The showcase for Vehicles has you dressed in the enemy uniform, but you can't blend in as one of them... And I did not realize they took it out. I'd like to see the option for single player or custom missions. Toggable options for multiplayer? Fine by me personally.
  9. OPFOR too Futuristic?

    The 'Ifrit' IS real. It's a prototype Russian security vehicle. Corsair posted a pic of it on the first page.
  10. Character Customization

    They'll probably add it later in the alpha/beta though.
  11. Settings and FPS

    For some reason I'm able to run the game, with mixed low-med settings on this ancient m17x r1. Like low shaders, high/ultra textures and a 3rd of the view distance. Everything else is either disabled or low, but what confuses me is that this laptop is old and quite a bit under the min specs, yet I can run A3 enjoyably (and I'm picky about fps)- IN THE ALPHA OF ALL THINGS. *Another thing is that for more troops and vehicles, things like that, I have to sacrifice view and object distance to remain around 40-50 fps.
  12. Character Customization

    I don't think there is, but I'm not too sure.