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  1. Jaypaul97

    Ragdolls = In .... Realistic wounds ???

    Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising did it fine.
  2. So I don't need anything to post user missions....
  3. A question for you actually: How do you get "permission" to post add ons? It says in the rules you have to get permission or something...
  4. Problem fixed: For any future people with this problem: run game as administrator or it won't save it to the folder. Thank you all.
  5. Jaypaul97

    Campaign AI

    I agree. BTW this title is obviously SO much more detailed than my 10 word titles and hence obviously mine should be locked for "undescriptive title"...I'm ashamed.
  6. Jaypaul97

    Jcove lite vbs2.

    Has anyone used Virtual Battlespace 2? Does anyone know how one goes about using it? For those who have: Is it more "real" in other words does it have features you wish Arma had? How about the AI? I think if the Army uses it it must be pretty accurate or they'd just play Arma LOL...
  7. Jaypaul97

    AI Improvement

    I already always max the enemy skill...like another poster said it seems all that does is make them more accurate at shooting, not smarter. And yes, at the very least, at least add some hatchet throwing! If you won't fix AI supplement it with that.
  8. Jaypaul97

    Operation E3

    Quick note on the awards go to BLOPS2 thing: It's a good thing. If ARMA gets attention the same will happen: it'll turn into shit. Proven case for all games. COD, BF, anything. They all get ruined once the $$$$$$ starts to flow.
  9. Jaypaul97

    Operation E3

    I don't get it...is there 50 minutes of footage floating around that I haven't seen??
  10. Jaypaul97

    Something I don't understand about the AI.

    LOL I get this on EVERY forum I am on. No sir here is the reason behind the numbers: I want it to be "JayPaul" but it won't allow that. Then I try "JayPaul9". If not, then I go to JayPaul97, if not that then I go to "JayPaul978" and so on. I understand some people may add their year but no, I just like the number.
  11. Jaypaul97

    AI Improvement

    Something I'd really like to see: We had the option to put in "Spec Ops" enemies into our game, but honestly fighting Spetsnaz felt no different than any regular OPFOR soldier. I'd really like to see the Spetsnaz really feel like Spetsnaz. I should feel terrified like "Oh shit, these guys mean business" not just "Oh look at that cool bandana"
  12. Yeah but in that case the SF usually have all sorts of cool gadgets whereas the Taliban wouldn't. I'm talking about Arma where if you're fighting officially trained soldiers with good armor and tactics and NVG.
  13. Okay obviously I'm just terrible then XD. I struggled with "Trial by Fire" mission in A2 in the final part. But more than that I think the grass needs to be nerfed. My computer isn't the best so 3D res is low and with all that grass I cannot see anything. But for AI: I don't think humanlike smart AI is even possible. How would you even go about scripting the thousands of things we think of. They don't take into account fear either, I've never seen enemies turn and book it like I do(and would IRL :) ) so many times
  14. Those situations where it's like "Oh such and such held off [insert insanely large number of evil people] soldiers!" I always think there's something sketchy going on; maybe the enemy was incompetent or they had some insane advantage or were snipers hidden peeking out of a tiny hole.
  15. Some long time fans may send me death threats... I wasn't impressed by original OFP. Its Cold War Crisis right? Enemies kinda just...looked at me. And thats it. If I did a little dance for them they might start shooting...but still. On the topic of enemy #'s: so fun is being taken into account? I dont think thats what we need in a simulator. I think if it were more real some missions might pass where the player never kills anyone, and some might find that boring. But if it's realistic so be it... If players want to do the rambo thing let them do it in editor or a separate game mode. ---------- Post added at 20:32 ---------- Previous post was at 20:31 ---------- PS- think of any situation on the news where commandos go after some 3-5 people, there's like 15 "good guys" against 3-5!