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  1. mordeaniischaos

    FPS Bottoms out randomly due to nil GPU Utilization

    my malloc was blank. So I'd assume it's default? I've never messed with that particular setting. using the issue seems to have gone away, but I'm not entirely certain what it was. My Malloc setting was completely blank so I don't really know what that means. If unchanged should it be blank? Now there are actual options in the drop down and I have it set to system, previously the drop down menu was empty.
  2. mordeaniischaos

    FPS Bottoms out randomly due to nil GPU Utilization

    There are always such reports. The problem lies with the dev branch, so even if it is interacting with the drivers, it's an issue on the software's side most likely. The game runs FINE with these drivers in stable, as do all other games for me. The only truly new tech in Dev branch seems to be the SSRs which have never been present when I've had this issue.
  3. mordeaniischaos

    FPS Bottoms out randomly due to nil GPU Utilization

    Like I said in my original post, no memory or CPU issues. Both are normal. Including temps. Had various hardware monitors on my second screen while testing the issue. not only have I verified but I've moved back and forth between stable and dev a few times. latest nvidia drivers for my 980ti CPU count, maxmem, maxvram, no logs.
  4. mordeaniischaos

    FPS Bottoms out randomly due to nil GPU Utilization

    Possibly, but what is clear is that if there IS a hardware issue, it's relating to the GPU because everything else continues on as normal. Otherwise, it's not hardware related and is in fact some oddball issue causing the framerate to drop. I'm curious if others are seeing the LOD stuff that I was seeing when it happened. Fixed the videos, not sure why on earth they were private. Let me know if you saw the same stuff cropping up? And I will try the memory allocation suggestion to see if the problem persists.
  5. Recently I've been having an issue where my frame rate bottoms out (sub 1fps) out of nowhere. Nothing occurs in game to increase the stress on my system, and when I look at resource manager and the like, nothing seems to be wrong. I'm not running low on Memory (16GB), my CPU isn't being hit by anything else, however my GPU utilization basically disappears. The card never goes over 70 degrees, so it's not overheating (max temp of 90-something and average load temps for the card seem to be in the 80s). No other games have any issues. I've included video of what happens. I've run tests to try and get it to happen in stable but it has yet to happen. In Dev Branch it always happens and doesn't take long to happen so I'm confident it's an issue with this particular branch. i7 3770K 16GB DDR3 Samsung 850 Evo (install location) MSI 980ti Video of what is happening: Video shows with mods but the issue occurs the same without mods.
  6. mordeaniischaos

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    Hey, is there a guide for this anywhere or anything? If not, can anyone provide me with more information on how the artillery support stuff works so I can make sure it's being taken advantage of in my missions? Do I need to group/sync anything? Do I need to back off my arty batteries/units to ensure they aren't too close, even with mortars? I've been poking around at getting it to work and will continue but so far I've yet to get the mortarman I placed with a mortar to engage a squad that had superior firepower and higher ground. They rebuffed a counter-attack but the mortar unit just slowly turned to face them, and then nothing happened. Turns out the mod didn't enable properly when installed with the launcher. Using RHS units, in case that matters. Now the issue is how A) accurate and B) immediate the mortar support is. AI doesn't wait to assess the situation, they just immediately have mortars coming in. Is this because the mortar unit is actively attacking rather than carrying out a fire mission for other units? Also, is there a way to make the AI not fire like 4 rounds rapid fire to pound an area? If you can't avoid the mortar fire, you just get pounded into dust rather than having a chance to survive being on the edge of a shell's explosion. I;d prefer it to be sporadic, inaccurate fire especially as these are insurgents, reacting to an assault. Should I just move these guys way back?
  7. Is there a sharpen filter in the mod? The game already has a configurable one, so I really hope that you didn't add your own OVER that because that will be messy and annoying for people like me who hate sharpness filters. Course if you just enabled the sharpen filter for your screenshots to try and make em look better that isn't much better. Honestly I think people should just take 5 minutes to calibrate their screens and mess with the in game gamma. I'm also pretty sure you tweaked some in game settings like bloom as well to exaggerate the benefits of your mod, but I could be wrong.
  8. I could be wrong but this doesn't sound like a bug at first blush to me. More like an issue with how all the arty in Arma 3 is set up. Normally you'd have to level the mortar back in ACE2. Arma 3 has pretty unrealistic mortars so I expect some real world custom stuff from the ACE team with all the ACE2 arty features like a level and all that will help. And seeking out a better position obviously helps :p I wouldn't want to use mortars on a significant gradient even if they worked properly unless I really had to.
  9. Does the dev team have a place they post about WIP stuff withoit being buried in a thread? I'd love to see what's being worked on and stuff. Would also help give folks a spot to check what is coming up in future builds to steer feedback away from stuff already coming and all that.
  10. mordeaniischaos

    SP 3D Sound Position Training

    Nice :D I've been wanting to set up something like this for a while now, especially with all of the new sound options available to us, but never got around to it. Now I get to be lazy and use something that clearly is way more fleshed out than anything I would have made :D
  11. I thought there was supposed to be a way to change the way the menus worked so you no longer had to hold the button. Am I mistaken?
  12. All ACE2 features are planned for implementation until otherwise stated. Says that in the original post. It'll come eventually. ---------- Post added at 09:40 ---------- Previous post was at 09:28 ---------- There's no way something that requires you to hover over an action to get it to trigger is faster than one that is static, where you expect it to be, and lets you click to the next thing without delay. It could be everything you say some day. But they need to work a lot on it. Make it scale-able, make occlusion smarter, allow us to focus input on the interface instead of shooting when in the menu. If they aren't going to support the old (IMO superior, I could give a flying repopulating rabbit horde about flashy and cool I just want functional and constant and predictable. IMO, nothing natural about heaving your clumsy ArmA avatar around to get in the right inch of grass to be able to treat a leg wound, or the way that self medical is organized even more so) way of doing things I hope they at least get this one to a point where it's more responsive and less finicky. In terms of interacting with the environment and objects around the player, I think it's awesome. I just don't like how things are done for things like Medical and self interactions. I will be very curious to see what the interface feels and looks like at the first official release.
  13. In what world do ladders and bandages need to use the same system for interaction? Why can't there be a system for interacting with that stuff that is separate from the old school interaction menu? The new 3D stuff makes some sense: I'd love to see it used for things like getting into vehicles (picking spots anyone?) or multiple ways to open/breach a door. So I'm confused why your comment seems to think that both concepts can't exist side by side. Old 2D menus for more complex stuff, 3D for actual interaction with your environment. But maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're getting at. ---------- Post added at 15:02 ---------- Previous post was at 14:58 ---------- ArmA's engine is the issue. There are times that the engine does a poor job knowing when something should be in range. Things tend to pile up on top of one another. And the way it's laid out/interacted with is less than optimal. And it's not really NEEDED. It's just flash and doesn't really enhance anything, at least with how it's set up now.
  14. It's not just speed, it's ease and accuracy. It's not hard to find a leg on a guy in real life and look over it. It takes TIME but that should be simulated with a progress bar. The issue is when things overlap or straight up aren't visible because you happen to be in the wrong square inch of space. And you should absolutely be able to easily check yourself in combat. If you're hit you should know where you are hit so you can tell the doc when it's time for you to receive treatment. If it's serious (loss of blood is significant for example) you should absolutely be able to address it quickly (clot, apply pressure, etc) until you can get patched up. Medical assistance happens after the firefight or during a lull, but that doesn't mean soldiers keep fighting on oblivious to gunshot wounds. And there are other actions in those menus that you may need to do under pressure. There's nothing realistic about fumbling around with checking a leg. It takes time, but it's easy and natural to do because legs are always in the same place and you have pretty excellent control over your body in the real world. If you want to discourage medical attention under fire, make suppression impact time to render aid. ---------- Post added at 11:47 ---------- Previous post was at 11:34 ---------- It simulates difficulty in the wrong ways because it's straight up buggy. Overlapping or disappearing icons that are too small for simple things like finding a bullet hole? If it should be more difficult, make it realistic. Not just an artificial barrier. A system that makes it so you don't have a diagnose option but instead you can see wounds and have to apply treatment to the location would be a good way to make it realistic AND challenging, instead of clunky, buggy, and un-intuitive.
  15. That's a feature request thread, I haven't seen a good spot dedicated to feedback on existing features, but maybe I'm just not looking in the right spots.