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    User mission requests!

    I'm the same, I d/l'ed Lingor, but haven't been able to enjoy it properly yet as I can't seem to get the Island Thunder missions to work (you cannot edit/play as such and such is missing sort of thing). If anyone is playing the GR IT campaign at the moment let me know so I can try harder to fix it, I'd love to play it. It's a great Island, btw, brilliant mapping. I will give the DF Campaign a go too!
  2. eny

    ACE for OA 1.13

    Just to be clear, you have one folder called @CBA which has the CONTENTS of the other 2 folders pasted into it and keeping the same structure of folders, NOT one folder with 3 folders in called CBA, CBA OA and CBA A2. I hope that makes sense?
  3. eny

    ACE for OA 1.13

    You can put all 3 folders into the one CBA folder and it will work, in fact, it's the only way I get mine to work without errors.
  4. eny

    Ghost Recon - Island Thunder campaign

    Cool, thanks for the quick reply.:)
  5. eny

    Ghost Recon - Island Thunder campaign

    Just a quick question, am I right in believing that the Lingor Island and Units d/l's each need their own '@' folder in the OA directory? I'm looking forward to trying this out, as I absolutely loved the original GR before it became GRAWful... :cool:
  6. I can't d/l any of the recent beta patches either. :(