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    Music credits?

    Thanks awfully! : )
  2. Steam says that 20 000 players are playing this game right now. I am incredulous that a game with such a large active community doesn't have anyone other than myself who enjoys "just flying around" with others in the AFM helicopters. Am I really that unusual? Wow.
  3. Echo38

    New terrain reveal - Tanoa

    If the expansion has women, I'll get it. If not ... well, let's just say I'm not thrilled with any fictional universe that is populated exclusively by men. I wonder if the new prop plane is going to use the same old simple flight model, or if they're going to do something more advanced, like the helicopter AFM.
  4. Echo38

    Music credits?

    No, I have no plans to illegally share these tracks; I don't even know how to use a torrent program. That isn't why I'm interested in knowing who created the songs. I have always liked knowing who created any piece which I enjoy. As an artist myself, I always put my signature onto anything I'm pleased to have made, and I doubt that Mr. Dusek & Mr. Matejka feel that their songs aren't worth bearing their names. "Back on Stratis," "Proteus," "Revenge," and "The Trap" are the ones which, to me, sound the most like Ondrej Matejka's music for the previous games in the series. I note that none of them are on that (incomplete) list of Jan Dusek's tracks. Can anyone confirm whether or not my guesses are correct? Any others I'm missing? It's been months since I last went through all of the music, and I don't remember if I made a note for all of the ones which I suspected weren't Mr. Dusek's.
  5. [looks around] For a game with so many players, I'm surprised to have such a hard time finding players who just enjoy fooling around in the AFM helicopters. I couldn't find a single thread about this either here or on the Steam forums. Keywords "fly" and "AFM" ended up with fewer than two pages of results, none relevant to my specific interest. So, any recommendations for how to hook up with other players who enjoy max-realism helicopter flying? Combat, not combat ... either way. I really just like flying around in the AFM helicopters, but it gets a bit old without other people to goof off with.
  6. Echo38

    Mini-Update, Arma 3 cannot be launched.

    Today, I opened Steam and clicked Play Game for Arma 3. It began downloading an update; after it was finished, I launched the game. I figured out pretty quickly that something was wrong -- the Learn tab was gone from the main menu, and the version number displayed 1.24-something instead of 1.26. So, I tried to verify the game cache within Steam, as recommended. Steam announced that 300-something files failed to validate and must be redownloaded. No downloads appeared to be going, so I hit "Play Game" again and it began attempting to download an update. However, I got an error message: "An error occurred while updating Arma 3 (connection time out)". All subsequent attempts to download this update result in the same; re-verifying the game cache does not amend this. I am not running any mods -- this installation of Arma 3 has never had any mods installed. I cannot run Arma 3 at all now.
  7. Echo38

    Music credits?

    With the artist names? Where is this CfgMusic? I can't find it in the Arma directory, nor in my profile directory in Documents.
  8. Echo38

    Music credits?

    I don't seem to have that edition. Anywhere else I can find a tracklist?
  9. Echo38

    Music credits?

    Actually, having just listened to all of the tracks front to back (using the mission editor, erk), I believe I've recognized a fairly large number of them as Mr. Matejka's. Anyone know?
  10. Expert difficulty does not allow enemy map markers, although death messages is optional for Expert. I haven't seen these map markers in any version (I'm on Expert), so I would examine yours mods as first suspect. Try disabling all mods, server and clients, and see if the problem persists.
  11. Echo38

    Music credits?

    Anywhere I can see who composed which tracks? By listening, I would guess that most of them were composed by Jan Dusek, but I just heard one that sounded distinctly like Ondrej Matejka's work (I don't mean the main theme, which was a piece by Dusek that was based on one of Matejka's melodies). Anywhere I can find out for sure?
  12. Not one that has any means of transferring pictures to my computer, no. I'm not much interested in the latest & greatest cellular gadgets. You're right; it's about two millimeters. My initial estimate of 1mm was before I started using a ruler to measure it. The shake happens too quickly and is too small to determine an exact figure, but it is roughly 2mm. We both agree that a rifle isn't going to be the same; but, as I said earlier, I do not have good access to my rifle at present. The closest I could come was using a lighter object that was rifle-sized; since the weight could be a large factor, I don't feel comfortable with using this test to support my ~2mm figure; however, for what little it's worth, I was able to get about the same deviation measured from the "muzzle" as I was with the pistol. I dislike mentioning my old injury for reasons which this thread made obvious: Internet people frequently are disrespectful & dismissive of it (e.g. the three or four people in this thread telling me that my disability wasn't worth considering). Cpt.O posted a test with the implication that he does not have any handicap, but his test results are bizarre & unusual; I don't feel that I am being inconsiderate by questioning those results. If he actually does have Parkinson's disease (which I highly doubt -- rather, I suspect he was pretty tipsy already by the time he did his test), or a similar malady, I harbor no disrespect toward him for it. ---------- Post added at 14:51 ---------- Previous post was at 14:33 ---------- I've said more than enough. If I were wiser, I would never have written in this thread; I've used the Internet for too long to have an excuse for believing that any amount of discussion will change anyone's mind on a subject they've already decided on, no matter how legitimate their opponent's evidence. There's more than enough information here for anyone who genuinely wishes to know the truth of the matter to easily find out for himself, so I am -- have been -- wasting time. Good afternoon.
  13. Sure. Send me a digital camera (or, better yet, a digital video camera) by mail, and I'll have the test uploaded the next day. Folks, I've already done this test several times, and I just did it again five minutes ago. I'm getting unrested pistol figures between 1 and 2 millimeters, measured at the muzzle by a ruler. Do your own damn tests and see for yourselves -- it isn't rocket science -- you don't need a video to find out for yourselves that what I'm saying is true. You don't even need a real pistol -- any object which is similar in size, shape, & mass to a pistol will sufficiently demonstrate the matter. I don't know why Cpt.O was unable to come anywhere near my figures, but if he wasn't drunk and doesn't have a severe physiological impairment (such as Parkinson's disease), then I can't help but wonder if he's intentionally waving the thing around for dramatic effect. I can't think of any other reason his muzzle would be wandering five times more than mine. (I'm not even a great marksman -- someone who's more practiced than me and/or in better physical condition would have less tremble than I do.)
  14. For the pistol one, yes, I was. Not for the rifle. Both really ought to be measured in muzzle deviation, yes, but with a pistol, the hand is pretty close to the muzzle. Your ~2mm. figure sounds reasonable -- my ~1mm one may indeed be optimistic; I didn't use a ruler. I can't believe Cpt.O was completely sober when he took that picture -- I can't imagine any remotely healthy person having a full centimeter of deviation like that without being plastered. : )
  15. My pistol example was unsupported. Even if you don't have a pistol handy, you can try it now. Pick up a flashlight or something else that's fairly similar in size & mass to a pistol, and walk up to a mirror. Put your hands around the object in the pistol grip and put it an inch away from the mirror. Use the edge of the mirror as a reference -- if you want to be more precise, stick { a Post-It note with a 1mm mark } on the mirror. How much does your hand (and the pistol-sized object within them) shake? Not more than a millimeter, surely, unless you're very out of shape. A rifle will be a bit different (the longer & heavier, the more different), yes. The front sight post's greater distance from your hand, the resting of the butt on your shoulder, etc. But it won't be that different. Try the object-and-mirror test with a rifle-sized object -- if you're in decent shape, you should be able to manage about a millimeter, even measured from the end of the "barrel" instead of at the hand. (I'm talking talking AR length, not sniper rifle, by the way.)