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  1. Can't you just close that message box and press OK in the bottom right? I got an average of 38fps dual 580gtx in sli i5 2600k @ 3.40 GHz 16GB DDR3 RAM Windows 7 - 64bit Had most of the settings on ultra apart from post processing which I disabled.
  2. Hey guys, As you might have guessed: I'm looking to join a clan/squad. I'm looking for an estabilished milsim/realism unit, complete with basic training, ranks and everything else that goes along with it. I've played Arma 2 for a long time and clocked almost 100 hours on Arma 3 as well so I know the basics at least :) Now, what do you get in return? A dedicated member who will be online multiple times a week, a person who takes milsim seriously and above all that just a regular fun guy. Age: 28 Nationality: Belgian Timezone: GMT +1 Capable to follow orders to the letter Aspiring to lead my own firing squad one day Languages (fluent): English and Dutch Feel free to contact me through PM
  3. Up the difficulty level? I know that on regular you can see yourself and enemy players but on Veteran this is gone
  4. Man, I love that our Wasteland server is full every evening. Really good games going on there! Hit us up on TS folks and join in on the fun! ;)
  5. Zane

    Tech wise (arma3 vs other huge map games)

    I really get the feeling that Chernarus was a whole lot bigger then Stratis was. Looking forward to the new map cause I'm a bit bored by this one
  6. Zane

    More complex surrender system

    I really would like to see something like that implemented in a realistic way :)
  7. Well, that kinda blows.. :(
  8. Zane

    How is multiplayer..?

    Cyper, The co-op missions in multiplayer can be real fun. I highly suggest looking for a clan which values teamwork above all. There are dozens of options out there and I can tell you, you won't regret it.
  9. Very very good! Looking forward to the release!
  10. I'm fond of Arma since the first one released years ago, especially the modding community. I really like my time ingame, I propably won't buy another game this year as I can only see things improving with new builds and new mods coming out!
  11. I'm in somewhat the same boat I bought the regular Arma 3 Alpha on Steam and want to upgrade it to the Supporter Edition. Is it still not possible to do so?
  12. Thanks for taking the time to educate us. [RGG]Zane
  13. I'm only 1 hour in the game but so far I like what I see. Nothing really stands out in a negative way to me. I'll continue testing!
  14. Zane

    Project Reality: Arma 2

    Indeed, the current version is highly enjoyable as Atkins said. The RGG server is filling up every evening to 50+ players. Come and join in!