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  1. Hi, recently i bough new 24 inch monitor to play some games on it with my laptop. When I try to run Arma on that external screen, my FHD resolution looks like as if it has some serious underscaling and picture is shaking. If I duplicate both my screens , its bugged on external screen, but looks normal on laptop LCD. I tried some other games and all of them work fine with external screen. More over other resolutions than FHD dont have this issue in Arma. When i try Borderless window or something like that, picture is sharp and it cuts my FPS in half, no less. Im not sure if its relevant but these are the laptop specs Acer V15 nitro black editon (15,6 inch ips) i7 4710 hq gtx 860m 16 gb of ram Please, do you know of something that might help? :)
  2. KaneSvK

    SweetFX in Arma 3

    Try sweetfx 1.4 instead of 1.5. I read that it works better with radeon pro, perhaps it's worth a try :-). On the side note a new sweetfx version went into closed beta testing, so hopefully it ll get releases in near future (it has full windows 8.1 support )
  3. It's unacceptable that dinosaurs get more attention than bcombat - voted ;-)
  4. So I tested turning those 2 features off which helped a lot , while AI still remained a lot better than vanilla. Still I'm curious about that ballistic tracking. Can you please give me instructions to tweak it? I would like to try it and then decide if I want to keep it that way. One question though. Turned off AI hearing,means that investigate feature doesn't work anymore?
  5. Thanks Fabrizio, thats helpful. I will playtest it and see how it goes. I already tried with and without bcombat on the same mission, which showed that with bcombat enabled, FPS goes down for me. Serjames: Yup, i already messed with graphic settings and set all the cpu intensive ones to lower values, but still it not exactly ideal :). PS: thanks for server invite :D. I may come in time. Until now i was staying away from Arma 3 MP (even though i used to play arma 2 a lot) due to ppl saying it has lot worse performancethan SP. And as you can see i dont have steady FPS in SP either :).
  6. That's good advice and when making my own missions I'm utilizing Alive heavily. However for example even in armed assault showcase I'm getting to low 20ies in heavy firefight, especially later in the mission. Surprisingly it doesn't feel that choppy as one would expect from 20 fps. I'm running my cpu on 4.5 ghz and I'm using custom malloc and all other tweaks one could think of. Still my fps is getting slaughtered in heavy firefights. I'm in range of 20-60 + fps. Vanilla ai is out of question, after I tried bcombat I can't go back :-D. That's why I want to tweak it a little if possible. For example I already forbidden them using smoke nades
  7. Hi, my AMD fx 6300 really struggles with many Ai s while using bcombat. Which settings do you think are causing the biggest cpu load and aren't necessarily essential? I'm considering turning off at least some features to get slightly better performance, but I don't really know which are worth turning off. Thanks (I'm playtesting 0.17 dev version)
  8. Hi, thanks for this campaign, I loved ur Arma 2 ones. Though i think the first mission might be currently broken. First off AI wouldnt listen to orders. They had immense trouble regrouping. 95% of time they d walk, refusing rapid movement. I had to storm the first city along other squads, because mine was 300 m back, moving at snails pace. Later on AI became nearly completely unresponsive. They wouldnt enter empty Hunter vehicle and they wouldnt even follow my orders as vehicle commander (forward, left, right etc.). I didnt run it with any mods apart from some minor ones like shacktac sthud, so i have no idea what caused this, maybe its not ur mission but current Arma version. All the problems I had were AI related, so i think UPSMON might be the cause of the trouble. I didnt use AI mod. At the very end, when all obj are captured and we are supposed to get in APC, to return to Ferez, nothing happens after entering the vehicle. Other than that the mission was great and had nice atmosphere and captures good combined arms feeling, so thanks for making it
  9. nah I just mixed the first name :-). Character have appeared just few pages back, so I remembered only Mackall so far :-). I ll DL the campaign as soon as I finish boot camp
  10. I like the description, looking forward to play this campaign :-). Btw Dan Mackall, isn't that character from Red storm rising book by Clancy? I'm telling myself this can't be coincidence :-D I'm reading it right now
  11. KaneSvK

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Haha alright. Well it seemed as unwarranted bashing post, we ve already seen enough of those. My mistake then :-)
  12. KaneSvK

    J.S.R.S. 2.2 Soundmod

    Man bash BIS where it's due and not just out of principle. They introduced changes to how sounds work to improve their sounds, it's not like they deliberately broke other's work.... Back to topic, thanks for quick fixing LJ. When I heard that new patch will break your mod I was like, damn I'm not touching arma until JSRS is back :-). This is truly essential mod :-D
  13. KaneSvK

    AAF voice acting

    But you have to admit it is improved a LOT compared to arma 2. I hated Cooper's voice so much :-D
  14. KaneSvK

    SweetFX on windows 8.1

    Ah, great maybe i ll give it a shot. But im not sure if its worth the hassle for me, as I tend to turn off/on various mods all the time, depending what im doing atm. :-) but I sure do miss sweetfx ever since i moved to Windows 8.1. Funny is that many games can run sweetfx on W 8.1, but I had no luck with arma
  15. KaneSvK

    SweetFX on windows 8.1

    But that means you have to start the game using radeon pro, no? Because if you do you cant run mods, I think :-)