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  1. @galzohar, so the units are still technically blufor? If that is the case you will also need to change their default radio. tf_same_sw_frequencies_for_side only works if the radio the unit has is the default radio for that side.

    So you'd need to change TF_defaultWestPersonalRadio to tf_fadak on round end. Probably also need to change the default radio for the opposition. Check https://github.com/michail-nikolaev/task-force-arma-3-radio/wiki/API:-Variables for details of those variables.

  2. While it is true that trip wires are already in game, they are static models, which means it is almost impossible to dynamically size the trip wire. Thus having longer or shorter trip wires rely on creating models that have differing sizes of the wire. Which is incredibly static and lacks the ability to create some really interesting trip wire mines without having to model 10-15 variants of differing size.

  3. ;2806344']Hey LordHeart' date=' does it work as replacement pack or like AiA optional files (it hiddens A3 futurish units and equipment)? A3 definately needs a replacement pack using RHS units =)[/quote']

    It hides A3 futuristic units and equipment, so I assume like AiA optional files. A replacement pack would require a lot more work, I will see what I can do.

  4. For those of you who no longer wish to see A3 future weapons and vehicles amongst your present day equipment, I quickly made a small addon which sets scope = 1; on almost all of A3's weapons, vehicles and units. Of course because of using scope = 1; anything that inherits from default A3 equipment and doesn't set scope = 2; will also be hidden.


    The config.cpp can be found here.

    It is provided as-is.

  5. What would be nice is the rope colliding with vehicles and units, currently it only seems to sort of care about the two objects it is connected to. Along with that would be EpeContact events being fired when something collides with the rope, over at AGM we got the bright idea that the rope could be bastardised to be used in tripwires.

    But since those events don't get fired or even seemingly collide with anything other than the ground, it is a massive no go, which is sad.

  6. Hi,

    Excellent mod. Thanks a lot.

    Would be great if there were negative effects from NOT having goggles. Like dust in your eyes from cars or helos, or potential eye wounds if you fire your weapon without glasses.

    Maybe this feature would be slitly out of the scope of this addon, but it would make it more consistent i think.

    There is currently very slight disadvantages, I didn't want to go overboard, so I went with a desaturation when prone and firing (it gives dust effect if wearing glasses). Also rotor wash will desaturate colours if you are wearing glasses or none, however; low profile goggles/combat goggles/pilot and crew helmets will protect your eyes against rotor wash.

  7. Such a minor mod but still so good support! We love your mod and used it since 1.0. With implementation in AGM its all perfect. But i tought you will only work with AGM now? Or you support now both?

    I got a couple of requests for updates to this, so I decided to release an update of the various changes I have made to it while under AGM. I will mainly be doing AGM stuff though.

  8. Version 2.3


    • New rain effect (thanks TPW for making me aware of the refract particle)
    • CBA keybinding for wipe glasses
    • Support for new facewear introduced by BIS
    • Fixes for non-glasses still getting glasses effect
    • Minor code improvements all over, but does mean things like VAS should work correctly
    • New signed key specifically for 2.3 and LHM Glasses

    Thanks goes out to:

    • AGM for bug reports and allowing me to integrate with them
    • TPW, whom without I would not have known about the refract particle for the much improved rain
    • All who have offered their support