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  1. Thank you for your feedback. The problem is now solved and I also have version 1.06.97057. I tried steam but then I preferred to stay with my local installation which wasn't updating because I needed to disable my Antivirus software. (this solution was suggested by the Italian FX-Interactive distributor's help). I have no idea if that old bug is solved because I'm restarting the game from beginning... as I had completely forgot how to fly an helicopter! :D
  2. I remember Steam used to offer the free game to those who purchased it. Now it only offers paid versions. Or do you mean that I just need to install Steam and it will recognize my local installation and update it?
  3. I have installed and played TOH over 3 years ago, which I purchased from the Italian FX-Interactive. Back then, I had to stop playing because there was a bug that prevented me to carry on in a mission. Now I wish to play the game again but the automatic update fails. As mentioned in http://helicopters.takeonthegame.com/game-updates/, I cannot download the patch because this is an Italian version. What should I do in order to play a fully updated game, fixed of every bug? Reinstall from scratch using my DVD? Reintall using Steam download? ....or what?
  4. dogfactory


    I have purchased the game and I have right to an answer from the developers to this issue I posted, which still goes unresolved. Awaiting for an answer !!
  5. dogfactory


    a small step getting nowhere: taxiing the heli next to the fuel pump the refuelling icon starts blinking, but so does the mousewheel menu and I cannot click on the refuelling instruction. Is it possible that no one can give me a solution? I'm sure it's a bug.
  6. dogfactory

    Refueling Heavy helicopter

    None of the above works for me, in the same mission. I have the message "now refueling" on forever. If I take off, after a minute it runs out and the helicopter crashes on the ground. Is it a bug?
  7. Whereas the original game is releasing several updates and patches, European users who bought the game distributed by FXINTERACTIVE cannot update anything. Instructions clearly say that updates should automatically happen once starting the game, but FXInteractive has not released any of the updates/patches yet. How long must we wait?
  8. dogfactory


    How come no game developer is helping me out on this refueling problem? I'm stuck in this mission, can't go further.
  9. dogfactory


    I don't always make the preflight checks on the helis because I thought that a mission (in the "career" mode) would automatically ask you to do it whereas is needed. However, in this particular mission I did try to see if there was something to repair, but no. Actually, the options to even do the checks are not highlighted on this heavy heli... not even for the fuel tank. So, I've no idea what the problem can be.
  10. dogfactory


    ...No, the message disappears but after 1 mile in the air the fuel goes into red state, the engine stops and the heli goes down. If this occurs while I keep hovering over the heliport I do have the option to eject and save the pilot but then nothing happen when he's back on the ground (I mean, no dialogue is developing and the mission freezes).
  11. I am in the cockpit at the beginning of a mission, and the message "now refueling" stays there forever. Others in the forum say I should taxi the helicopter near the pump (which I haven't tried yet) but how come the automatic refueling never ends? Is it a bug?