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  1. This nearly works perfectly. Two problems I've had is when using the direct push to talk key, for me it is the Left Windows key (LWin in autohotkey) because I use teamspeak. When pressing this key it activates the radio, which shouldn't happen because the acre_keys key for the radio is Capslock. Also when pressing capslock it automatically puts a =+ in front of it.
  2. IMoTiOnLeSs

    Helicopter physics impressions - simplified

    Yep, it's A2 Flight model until they implement the TOH Flight model at a later date.
  3. IMoTiOnLeSs

    Radio calls by the player in SP?

    Do you mean "support" and "custom" ?
  4. IMoTiOnLeSs

    The Grenade Thread

    One thing that Arma 3 is missing since breaching buildings is possible, is flash-bangs grenades.
  5. Oh there are, it was just ACE public servers were the best.
  6. There's not going to be Domi on Arma 3 the creator isn't going to be giving permission to port it as Domi dominated most servers.
  7. IMoTiOnLeSs

    Bug's I have encountered (MP and SP)

    There's a bug reporting page, launch the alpha and there's a link on the screen.
  8. IMoTiOnLeSs

    ArmA 3 Supporter - distribution of future DLCs

    Supporter Edition will only be able to be bought via store.bistudio.com rather than Digital Deluxe and Alpha, were they can be purchased via Steam and store.bistudio.com.
  9. IMoTiOnLeSs

    Who's going to make the first domination gamemode?

    I'm not actually, plus 1 year. The problem is with most servers (including Ace servers) that they run Insurgency and Domi, and there's no TvT just Coop. PR: Bf2 has the elements playing coop but mixes it with TvT, which Arma doesn't have atm. I hope that TvT game modes will be the dominant game mode on A3
  10. IMoTiOnLeSs

    Who's going to make the first domination gamemode?

    I personally think PR-Bf2 does it best, large maps, TvT but with the CO-OP element of cooperation and communication.
  11. IMoTiOnLeSs

    Domination for Single Player

    Just one question, how do I respawn? I have been playing it for the past hour and then I die, but I see no option to respawn.