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  1. It just my 2 cents here, no offend to anyone or anything regards tools / homepages that really help out the modders enourmous amount of time they spend on addons/missions. I'm happy but... it was just my wishlist.
  2. Hi all, I wish that ALL addons, missions, etc. in the future, are posted on the Steam Workshop. From the beginning we were against this but now sees an extreme advantage in Steam Workshop as "Arma" players regarding auto updates, easy installation, etc. without having to explain, linking the installation procedures for all new players over and over again. And when game day comes, everyone has the correct version of their addons and they don't need to do anything. As a guild, some of us spend an enormous amount of time on just updates, sync between the player's versions of existing addons etc. so everyone has the right versions. Looking for missions and addons on Steam Workshop is a dream compared to Armaholic etc. and playwithsix is ​​a pain for new and some players but still a really good tool for connecting to unknown servers with right addon versions. Why not just use a single source for all missions / addons? problem solved! There are websites out there just for Arma, extremely messy with the search function from the early 90s. We have now taken the decision that all members of our clan will retrieve all the addons from the Steam Workshop only. Our dedicated server has all the lates and same version as every player in our clan every time we play without doing anything. Only to get an easy manner without explanation each time an addon will be installed and the time just goes. Players get tired and will go "must go, have fun" All to make everything easier for all players. And dedicated and addons via steam workshop are a dream today. If all server owners / players uses same the source for addons it will never be an issue again. Same versions everywhere and all are happy. Best regards Farran
  3. farran

    Jurassic Arma

    LOL, how many T-rex have u seen there? :o 10/10, This will be a thrill, adventure and ofc horror.
  4. Hi, Really Nice community here. I just wonder if anyone can help me with my scripting questions i have. I trying to "handledDamage" to an object with only "Explosive charge" i think the name is "DemoCharge_Remote_Mag" all other damage is not allowed. found something here but that didn't work. I also try to exclude the last selected marker spot from BIS_fnc_selectRandom from eg. markerxx = (["m1","m1_1"] call selectRandom); so it will not be selected twice in a row. I appreciate all help i can get here, this is a last bit of the puzzle after 8 weeks of "trying to understand coding in arma":confused: But i will publish the work later on when done. It's a mission generator that never ends. //Farran
  5. I don't know if you 3 have tested heavy mission with lots of ppl. A3 is unplayable in my opinion with my spec. GTX 770, I5 2500k @3.3 16 bg ram + ssd. In editor with groups and and lots od spawn i have 80 - 105 fps In ahoy mission 64/64 i have at the base about 9-19 fps up and down. A2 with really heavy missions i have +80 - 120 fps. so if arma 3 are more optimized with than A2. plz tell me what to do. And everybody else regardless spec. has same issue when i ask around in mission. I have followed every guide for performance boost available
  6. Murk spawn works in our missions, look at "in the rabbit hole" A3 mssion on armaholic. Works 100% for us without any edit in the code. That is what we have found out, have anyone else any suggestion on a working A3 made AI spawn from triggers, plz reply Trying to solve how to use Site modules "createSite" and "dynamic spawn" to spawn from triggers but have not worked it out yet.
  7. Just join a serious clan and you have what you are looking for, no tk, no idi, often a mature group of ppl, and all they ask for is serious play and have fun!!
  8. No need to put my name in your mission, ill just trying to help out. I think this is what you are after, Editor based AI script by trigger It will temporarily inactivate/remove all your placed units at mission start and save them to spawn up again from a trigger that someone enters eg. anyone from your side. And for mission making look at this one. Youtube tutorials Create task module tutorial, can be used like in the show but also can be used from a trigger that anyone in your group enters and will be at the task list as a mission. The triggered one will feel more dynamic but is a bit trick to manage. Hope it's enough to help you out with your first mission.
  9. farran

    Dedicated server crash

    Found the problem (i think), Heli at any mission for us crash our server with this error. Removed them completely from map in all our missions and have run missions tonight without one single crash!! They usually crashed after 5-20 min and now they are still going strong. //Farran
  10. Hi, Have some trouble with error in arma.rpt file with "tbb4malloc_bi.dll" as an issue? Anyone else getting these errors on dedicated server? Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at 006C18B7 Allocator: E:\Spel\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Arma 3\dll\tbb4malloc_bi.dll When renamed the tbb4, i got error in tbb3 instead. Just a little note: All these dll files is in arma 2, tbb4malloc as version 4.0.0 and are 105k. In A3 we have it at version 4.0.0 and 101k. something is changed but not the version number? Anyone know about this problem or have an solution to it. //Farran
  11. NOT only weapon use, 95724 crach when flying in any heli or plane after ~1-2min without shooting on dedicated server. Tested on 5 coop mission that always were fine before this patch.