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  1. Thanks for getting all angry internet hardman...............
  2. Is it possible to start a new game with just 1 Island each? If so how?
  3. Picard

    Current Version?

    Great, Thanks for your help kind sir!
  4. Hello. Whats the current version of the Beta? Ive been gone for some time and I'm still running 0.7.0912. If there is an update where do I download? Cheers all.
  5. Hello, Is there a way to make the game start with one island each and play from there? I dont seem to be able to get it so that its a fresh start. Also. Is there away to change the way an Island is? Like changing a Defence Island to a Production or Resource island? Cheers!
  6. Hello all, Great game, loved the original on the Atari ST. I've bought the game (£32.00) and have got into it however I cant change my keys to the arrows (WASD) and others to the Numpad (Its how I play). Any ideas? Also, is there a Guide/Manual? I have no idea what I'm doing in there. Thanks. Graeme.