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  1. noone1

    OFP Addon request thread

    Don't forget ECP + GRAA. http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/Enhanced_Configuration_Project;70118 http://operationflashpoint.filefront.com/file/GRAA_modpack;80068 ECP is still being developed too in the form of ECP Redux.
  2. noone1

    How ArmA III should really look like

    BIS could make a response by recreating the vid in the Arma 3 engine :p
  3. noone1

    Advanced DX11 and PHYSX features

    Arma II runs on DX9 cards.
  4. noone1

    SLX 1.1 Issue

    SLX is extremely buggy and unstable mod if that helps you.
  5. noone1

    Advanced DX11 and PHYSX features

    Tessellated units, vehicles, terrain and water would be cool but I have heard tessellation kills performance.
  6. I think there are only human players in OFP (ais don't count for players).
  7. noone1

    Is Arma III gonna shape up?

    I think the Outerra engine would look cool in Arma:
  8. noone1

    Is Arma III gonna shape up?

    I would rather have graphics like these: http://www.athensbytaxi.com/eikones/t_Limnos0021_b.jpg (146 kB) I would like the island feel more "living" too, with animals, civilians, vehicles and bigger cities.
  9. noone1

    How close is ArmA 3 to real military action?

    Arma series are games, VBS series are training tools.
  10. noone1

    How close is ArmA 3 to real military action?

    Too much realism would be bad for gameplay imo. It's still a game and not a military training tool so it should be focused on fun, atmosphere and authenticity imo. It would be interesting if there was a "super realism" mode included though. One that would simulate real-life combat without any HUD and other aids, deadly wounds, crushing difficulty, voice commands, complex vehicle control and such.
  11. noone1

    improving DXDDL

    I tried ENB but I think it doesn't look terribly good (too bright). Maybe if someone tweaked ENB and enabled some effects in OFP would be cool but I wouldn't know how to do that personally. There was also a "DX10" addon for OFP but I didn't try it (looked like a scam to be honest).
  12. Anyone thought yet about hacking Kegetys DXDLL and adding some new effects? The original author seemingly won't make any new versions so I thought I'd ask if anyone came up with the idea of adding some newer effects (like motion-blur, HDR, crapuscalar rays, SSAO, ect.) to it. It could make OFP feel much newer imo.
  13. noone1

    xbox controller support?

    Arma is better suited for a gamepad than a mouse and keyboard imo. It's a fps + tank sim + flight sim in one and controlling vehicles is better with a gamepad. They would only need to implement voice control for commands.
  14. How do I make a MFCTI map and what do I need to make it? Any editors or such?