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  1. I don't know why but in A2 walking or running near other people in a close area tends to cause rubberbanding. This problem might be rectified in A3 but I don't know. That is the real problem with having people be able to control themselves getting out of an APC, they would rubberband like crazy in each other and slow down the process of getting into a fighting position, all the while both the APC and the troops are like sitting ducks to the enemy.
  2. Desert1

    Rather unethical warfare

    I agree, I watched a personal documentary the other day about the Russians in Georgia (1996), and they were extracting one of their friends from a destroyed T90 tank, and when they finally got to him, he was completely burnt through, his face was etched in a scream and his fingers were burnt into place. I realised then that war is not fun, pretty or good in anyway, but instead it is only done because it has to. Oh and they had to lift him out with wires because he was still slightly on fire and also because if they had pulled him to hard he would have fallen to pieces. If they did that in ARMA.. who knows what the reaction would be.
  3. Desert1

    Arma 3 is not going far enough with Technology

    I always thought that 2035 was a risk for BI to take, for it was so far in the future, and this was what I saw coming, the technology would be almost nothing like what it is today, compare the BDU of the 1991 Gulf War with the ACU of today. Technology moves a very rapid pace and I think by setting the year at 2035, technology will have advanced further than BI might have put in the game.
  4. Desert1

    Rather unethical warfare

    yes, but you can see the bombs strapped to the person. ---------- Post added at 18:05 ---------- Previous post was at 18:04 ---------- And what about possible green on blue incidents?
  5. Desert1

    Rather unethical warfare

    wow powerful tactic there o_O I could see scripts being written where someone is scripted to be a suicide bomber (mp) and they are shown to look like a civilian, and do exactly what you just said there. That would be doing anything to win.
  6. Desert1

    Rather unethical warfare

    agreed, only an explosion on the scale of a nuclear reactor (Chernobyl, Fukushima) that continues to burn and smoulder inside the core to this day, could contaminate land for decades.
  7. Once I finally get the time to learn how to make an addon, I hope to add vehicles (mainly MBTs) that may be missing out, decked with interiors (hopefully)
  8. Desert1

    Rather unethical warfare

    Apparently though when they first used it it killed 20,000 troops instantly, I think gas is the most unethical thing possible, as even if you do survive, your life is pretty much ruined and you have to get treatment for the rest of your life. I suppose another unethical weapon would be the S-Mine (bouncing betty), it was never actually intended to kill people, but to maim and injure the unlucky chap. It was designed to maim mainly the genitals and lower legs to cause the most pain and to make the person immobile without others having to tend to them. Now if you ask me that is pretty scary, and that is probably something Iran would use as it is more of a sophisticated IED to a regular one. Use it ingame? Not unless you have some sort of gore mod or if BIS put gore into the game, which I don't think is very likely.
  9. Desert1

    ArmA 3 System Requirements

    Can I ask what makes an SSD so much better than a HDD? Thanks in advance :)
  10. no, not used nowadays, will never be used in the future either. I'd like to see the invisible panels that BAe are developing currently that can disguise a vehicles thermals to either disappear or give the impression of a different vehicle. In vehicle terms I would like to see the Mobarez tank make its way in for the Iranians, its used currently, same with the Zulfiqar tank. Add some depth to what the Iranians had before they took over Israel (in aa3)
  11. Desert1

    Rather unethical warfare

    I thought Iran had used nerve gas? And, common unethical weapons would be things like IEDs that have bags full of nails and other sharp, rusty objects in them. There is a large possibility that a civilian could step on one (if they are introduced into arma 3) or, get hit by stray shrapnel if they happen to be near one when it goes off.
  12. Desert1

    How ArmA III should really look like

    The getting in/out scenes were well funny, and the reloading one too.
  13. Desert1

    Vehicle Quality

    I feel that it is very difficult for me to aquire targets with the current 'peephole' optics used in the MBT gunner position, I would much prefer an interior where I can use clickable buttons or screens to look at a wider view for the gunner, if this is of course accurate to real life specifications. Also, the Merkava tank was designed mainly for the comfort of the crew, and for the interior. It is even possible to stand completely up in a Merkava tank, so shouldn't a tank that was designed mainly on making the interior good, be fully modelled in game if you are planning to use it? However, aside from the extra hours needed to complete these interiors, getting references and information on the interiors of tanks is extremely difficult, and having a fully clickable interior is completely impossible due to the sensitive nature of some of a tank's optics and systems. So I'm kind of on the fence about the quality of the inside of a tank, as while it does make the user feel more in the tank, and opens up more functionality for positions such as the driver, gunner and commander, the idea is dragged back because of the time needed to complete these mammoth tasks and the research needed to fully complete them, which can also be time consuming or even possibly money consuming.
  14. Desert1

    Too much muzzle flash and reload animations?

    I agree with you on the reload animations and also on the muzzle flash, as the time setting (I think) is 2035 using the latest weapons which (guns being developed now) all have inbuilt flash hiders or suppressors of some sort so yes, I also think the muzzle flash should be reduced. But in fairness I also think they may have actually toned it up to show off that there is a new and dynamic type of (tbh) really cool looking muzzle flashes.
  15. Desert1

    Syria - What should we do if anything?

    removed! This is the Free Syrian Army blowing up a BMP, from this it looks like they are ok with taking out light armour