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  1. Making it work for the common gamer: It's complicated and not easy to use and has to be configured for every new map. It's like being told to add our own virus definitions to BattlEye when most of us don't even know the first thing about hacks or what the code looks like in the RPT file (remember, I'm not a coder). Don't you think BattlEye should be handling these definitions and updating on a regular basis and not us? P.S. The learning curve is getting out of hand, most of us just wanna come home from work, build mission files and have fun playing the game w/o having to worry about being hacked.
  2. @Dwarden: Well you kinda lumped me into the same category as LW1 and my views and opinions are not shared by him. I can't remember being warned about arguments dealing with these same issues although my views are popular and shared here by others. It's true that I do not agree with the way things are being handled in relation to Arma 3 back door to hackers but that's only my opinion and opinions apparently mean nothing here. I don't want to be blamed for wrongdoing if I have not said or done anything so please warn me if my words are offensive or taken out of content.
  3. @Dwarden: Are you referring to something I said? I've only had the opportunity to post four or five times sense the beginning of this thread and I'm only voicing (like everyone else) my own opinions. Theres been a lot of things said here but are you blaming "me" for these arguments? If I don't have the freedom to say what's on my mind here please say so because it sounds like you would have me silenced for no good reasons.
  4. Why should anyone listen to the things you say? They don't have anything to do with this discussion. Maybe you should start a new thread entitled "****ed by Marcus Purnell"
  5. Battleye is not catching people that remotely inject (admins should be the only ones allowed to do this) scripts into the server and the server does not blocking them. Server-side event blocking is failing why? No one knows how to make their own filters and there are too many missions/mods being made to keep up with. People should not be asked to create their own filters in the first place. Why even create a game with a trojan horse back door, this should have been addressed a long time ago. Now I guess BI will say "they don't have the time to address this" (now that I've spent my money) and I'll be chastised in there forums. BI's credibility is at stake here...
  6. @eddieck: How about we all or those in favor of it, vote on it in the A3 feedback Tracker? If someone has already made the suggestion, I would be glad to give my +1 vote in favor of a new API layer.
  7. It would be nice if someone could/would explain exactly how to go about making these server side script filters. If it's easy enough, everyone should be able to make their own but, not without a good example. I thought battleye worked like any other virus scanner and updated their own virus definitions. I see now that I must have been wrong about battleye because I thought it was their job to control the hacking situation entirely. So now my understanding (please correct me if I am wrong) is that it's up to the server admins to add their own protections along-side battleye. And if this is the case, can't we just copy the whole list of definitions and paste them into the script filters? I wouldn't know what to do if I had to edit or make my own from scratch. I don't wanna do without battleye, I think it's a great idea but is it useless now that we have to use these script filters?
  8. First of all, assumptions are the termites of relationships. So, why would you assume I know nothing about battleye and server administration? in fact, I've had my own server since the beginning of alpha. But that's not what I wanted this discussion to be about. I wanted to discuss battleye and how it should be more user friendly, not about common gamers. I suggest you don't go around trying to educate the world with your profound knowledge and keep your smart remarks to yourself. And if this post turns out to be a non-moderated troll-fest, you know what you can do with it. Lol @ scrapping BE and playing with your friends 3rd World sucks don't it? Bunch of unhappy prunes.
  9. I would love to host the Sa-Matra A3 wasteland mission files. I live in the US, my server is hosted by Vilayer, how do we proceed from here?
  10. Yeah that's nice but that's the ArmA3 Stratis mission, I wanna do the ArmA2 Chernarus, Takistan, Utes missions. A2 missions with all A3 content. Getting a little tired of Stratis.
  11. Is there anyone here willing and able to help me setup a dedicated [DEV] build running AiA and 404Wasteland missions? I would love to host this combination, A2 wasteland on the A3 engine would be great but I need help, any takers?