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  1. Arma Special Missions Unit Who we are? We are a small unit, that are attempting to play the game as it is meant to be played. That being said we stick to a counter terrorism model, we hunt, plan and capture fictional terrorist in the Arma 3 universe. We have also in the past played Diplomat protection missions, embassy hostage rescue mission, air plane hijacking rescue, and have participated in an Underway (not really moving but on the water) take down of a yacht. We try and be creative with our missions and instead of relying on large scale battles we prefer to focus on very technical demanding missions. The Unit we are modeled after is Army Based. 12 Jan 14 We are looking to increase the operational size of our unit. To do so we require more support and personnel. This is an open call that will last until March 1st when our official unit activation date is set. We are looking for Pilots capable of simultaneous roof and ground landings, landing under fire, and precision direct action strikes. The Pilots we are looking for will be in charge of standing up an aviation section a battalion of 160th SOAR. Schedules, training and coordination will be up to the pilots, we provide the server, and ts to hone your craft. All that we ask is to be professional(attitude) and be capable. We have ported several ARMA 2 helicopters and we have Chinooks, and traditional Blackhawks. No one will be turned away. This is a chance to create a pure aviation unit. In addition to standing up a 160TH SOAR Battalion. We are also interesting in standing up an Air Force special Operations Wing. We have 2 members interested in being Para rescue Jumpers. We need to build a unit that will be capable of flying, Fa-18's, AC130, and The rescue Helicopter. Again recruiting, and all unit decision will be the choice of the members within that unit. WEBSITE: STSIX.COM You can also contact me through PM on this forum.
  2. PN11A

    SOC WIP Thread

    When you say displacement map are you speaking about baking the displacement and adding it with a diffuse color? I have attempted to use some displacement maps from Zbrush but they will not work with ARMA. The parallax normal could get us close to displacement maps but that is only usable in terrain. I think your doing a good job for the constraints we have its not as easy as some may believe to create content. Agreed that adding to many folds will ruin the look because those folds are dynamic, your player would look strange if you add the effect of body armor with him not wearing body armor. Insta goat: I have personally switched to Zbrush exclusively for modeling. I struggle with some hard surface modeling because the program excels in organic models. The problem with what you propose "aggressive sculpting" then toning it down contradicts the digital sculpting process. You have to start generally large and work down to smaller forms. If you begin with aggressively adding folds and details your form will fail. In brush specifically holes will begin to appear if you do not have the structure under the detail. You must start at a low sub-d and move up because changes at high sub-d take way more movement to get them correct.
  3. PN11A

    SOC WIP Thread

    Yes it does, makes perfect sense now.
  4. PN11A

    SOC WIP Thread

    Here is something I ve been trying to figure out, I noticed in most of textures you guys create you can see details down to the strand of the fabric. Now what determines how much of this is seen? I can go super crazy detail on textures but what determines what setting you will see this on? Will those seams be visible to someone with their texture set to normal or low?
  5. PN11A

    SOC WIP Thread

    Are you sculpting the wrinkles and ect on top of a base mesh and then painting them in mud box?
  6. I know for fact that the Ghost Hawk and Hunter are not modeled accurately so they would not be able to fall under that rule that EA used. You guys want real names thats understandable I just don't see it being possible. Especially considering the sensitive nature of some of those vehicles.
  7. PN11A

    No women at all

    One we figured was a no brainer, I agree with Misty lets not derail this thread with the science and ect it is really a moot point. I will say that Misty you are correct when it comes to mental stress I was referring to physical stress.
  8. PN11A

    No women at all

    Snipers walk very far with lots of weight not good for a woman. Pilots are already implemented and 160th has also opened to woman pilots. Most of what people miss when discussing woman in combat MOS is the things that happen before you get to the combat. The work up to a deployment, the deployment, the missions this puts lots of stress on the body and that is wear a woman's body will not perform as well as a male. Given the time it would take for a female to get into the proper shape, and maintain that shape would take away from the time spent training on actual mission critical task. Woman are doing wonderful things for our service SOCOM's Cultural Support Team is full of amazing woman but don't get it twisted physically its not the same.
  9. You can manipulate the AI with your fires. Don't engage with your primary force first. Push them and move them around and they will eventually stop moving lay down and try and pick you off. From there its just a matter of alternating which teams are shooting at them.
  10. Thank you that fixed it
  11. PN11A

    No women at all

    Civs add an entirely new level of game play. I've shot my share of civs driving pickup trucks in this game
  12. PN11A

    No women at all

    that's false. I'm a mil sim player. So what's my reasoning? Most of you are missing the point wether they will or won't is up to BIS but I would like to see there explanation for not doing it. You can't promote a game as realistic and not have the other sex obviously missing that's just dumb. I'm sure there is a valid reason that I probably won't agree with but there still needs To be a reason.
  13. PN11A

    No women at all

    This is by my count the third incarnation of this thread, it is safe to say people care.
  14. No Im not sure where to define it in the cfg models class
  15. PN11A

    Suppression Effect missing in ARMA3

    I think you sorta missed my point... If you are a sniper you should ready be out of the effective range of short gunners. If not you are acting as a DMR more so than a sniper similar job different methods. Next if you are being engaged by multiple enemies as a sniper your doing something wrong. You are supposed to engage enemies on your terms, and the training and the reasons for those schools is to learn/ asses the ability to mitigate stress. It is proven the "special types" manage stress differently..what does all this mean for a video game? nothing but a common trend as of late is to generalize the capacity of character to that of normal non conditioned behavior. It puts a barrier between the player and the world. It will make it less immersive but more cinematic. I get annoyed when my player starts huffing and puffing when climbing a little hill with minimum gear, its just as annoying not being able to sprint at will. Just to counter the same argument no matter how smoked you are if you need to haul ass, you find it and do it there is no "cool down" till you can run fast again. Think of it along those same lines, and even if we did what constitutes being suppressed? 1 guy? 2 guys? platoon? company?