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    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    http://i.imgur.com/Hhm0FXA.png The greatest headgear of all time. Someone make it please.
  2. Would it not be possible to check if the map grid starts at 0,0 , and if it doesn't, initiate a function that just reads off the grid on the map and not through the engine values? EDIT: mapGridPosition correctly grabs nonstandard coordinates but only up to 6 digits. (at least on baghdad it does) CORRECTION: It's not 6 digits exclusively, it's based off what the mapcreator formatted the grid to be, so if it used the 1-0,A-Z system, it would report for example 1A. You COULD just split this result in half and get X Y, but then a problem arises when it becomes 100A for example. Because then you would get 10 0A HOWEVER something to note, this is a problem IRL when using GPS receivers and maps that don't use that system. Since not all maps use the same coordinate system. Also, lets see what can be done with the numpad in terms of controlling it. The problem that arises is that 0 takes up 2 keys. Although if possible, you could just have it set so that holding 0 works as the Clear key. And no I don't want full keyboard support for fast typing of names, because I don't see a full keyboard on the device. Also in the current state of things, for me if I click on the screen it goes to what I clicked on, and then I can just use the arrow keys on my keyboard to move through the menus, however, the last key I clicked on the visual numpad, when I press enter on my numpad it will press that key. These however cannot be combined for whatever reason.
  3. The baghdad map also has Y coordinate errors, however it's more of the fact that the map has the Y coords getting higher closer to the bottom of the map instead of lower.
  4. Fragmagnet

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    The engine doesn't even have access to the ability for GPU PhysX?
  5. Fragmagnet

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    The question however still stands, I would like to know if blastcore in its current state uses GPU physx or if not, if it is planned or even possible at this point in time.
  6. Fragmagnet

    Blastcore: Phoenix 2

    Does blastcore take advantage of GPU physx since it's just aesthetic effects unlike vehicle physics which are forced onto the CPU?
  7. From what I can tell the torso and legs are animated separately, thinking about this in complex ways allows you to come up with all sorts of possibilities. One of which is having the torso be motion controlled (the arms, the torso would follow the positioning) while the legs retain their animations. This would allow better adaptation to cover (where you place your weapon) than is currently available through the stance system. It would also allow a better system for hand signals. You could easily point at things which is a lot more useful than people realize. It would also be super useful for machinima creators. All sorts of helpful things could come out of this.
  8. I'm using all the most recent non-beta builds. It was all fine and dandy until a few days ago. GPU drivers are 332.21 Windows version is 7 home premium and updated to whatever version windows update has it at. I've also tried turning off SLI, once again doesn't fix it. edit. Turns out that shadowplay was causing the massive FPS drop. With shadowplay on. Before tabbing out to fix I get 17-40 fps in the menu. After tabbing out to fix I get 160. With shadowplay off Before tabbing out to fix I get 240-260 fps in the menu. After tabbing out to fix I get 320-400 fps in the menu. The gamma is still not applied until I tab out and back in though.
  9. Well I don't think it has anything to do with my comp since this just started happening a few days ago. But CPU: i5-2300 Ram: 6gb GPU: SLI GTX 660s
  10. As the title says, every time I start arma 3, it runs at about a quarter of my normal fps and the fullscreen gamma is not applied, alt tabbing out and back in fixes this however. Anyone have any ideas as to why? And reinstalling did not fix it. Neither did disabling the steam overlay. Turning off shadowplay doesn't fix it. Turning off SLI doesn't fix it. Turns out that shadowplay was causing the massive FPS drop. With shadowplay on. Before tabbing out to fix I get 17-40 fps in the menu. After tabbing out to fix I get 160. With shadowplay off Before tabbing out to fix I get 240-260 fps in the menu. After tabbing out to fix I get 320-400 fps in the menu. However the issue is not completely fixed in that I still have to tab out and back in to apply the gamma settings. And the FPS difference is STILL there. But shadowplay was causing the super low part of it.
  11. I notice that if you use MCC in an arma 2 map in arma 3, when you create CQB missions through the auto mission generator, it seems to always go to the same few buildings (in the case of Baghdad it's the buildings at the top right or middle right, and none of others most of the time). Maybe an effect created by an excessive number of buildings and the CQB selects ones from the first few, or could also be an effect based on which buildings were placed first in the map making process. I have no clue. Although you can just move the zone somewhere else but I like having it choose from the entire map (you actually have to make a big zone since arma 2 maps apparently have no mapsize from which MCC can look through.)
  12. Or bohemia could just put it into an official addon that is downloaded along with the game but isn't actually enabled by default and you have to enable it through the main menu addon stuff.
  13. Fragmagnet

    Max FPS setting?

    I'd like to set it so that the FPS never goes higher than 60. I'm not talking about vsync. having the FPS not go higher than 60 would work AS vsync but not force the FPS to lock to multiples of my refresh rate. Also having the FPS go higher than your refresh rate is a waste of power. I'm not talking about lowering and raising different settings. I want a setting to restrict framerate to a user defined number. Also someone should change the title to limit FPS setting so that people don't think it's about having the most optimized settings.
  14. I'm pretty sure I'm running 2.5 and a blufor fireteam just called in cas on an Opfor fireteam. the Blufor also kept sending the request every 10 seconds. I added 4 more units to the blufor group, still instantly calls in CAS on the Opfor fireteam.
  15. Would it be possible to base the percentage at which AI calls in support off of some form of threat stat. So when a big group of AI sees a fireteam it doesn't instantly go OH GOD WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE WE NEED CAS. And for the extra infantry as a form of support, have them come in with APCs and such. and if transport choppers are available, they get flown in. Also the transport chopper could drop out a small ammobox. (as in not the standard ammobox that has A BILLION OF EVERYTHING(maybe just have about 15 magazines, 5 frag grenades, 1 rocket, and 10 medkits(so an ammo resupply support still has a purpose))) For the ammo resupply support, have it based off of how many people in a group are low on ammo, and the size of the ammo resupply based off of the size of the group. (so 2 people don't get a full truck of ammo, only a small airdropped box) But before the AI calls for ammo resupply, have it check within something around 500 meters for a NATO(or whatever side the unit is on) ammo source (most likely a crate or truck) unless the group is currently in combat, in which case only check within 70 meters. And airdropped boxes need to be brought in via a transport chopper.