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  1. Hm i also dont like the way the Walrosses behave but when its part of the universe theres not mutch to argu with
  2. I get ammo from the Supplie ship and i also know this bug!
  3. I dont have the any problems with the points up there but what bothers me the most is that the game is to fast for long term Strategie. All the units just blow up way to fast, most of the time i get the "Manta 04 is under Attak" one secound later its "Manta 04 was Destroyed". I nearly got enrage when i lost all my start mantas and dont have ressources to rebuild them because they are so expensive with good Equipment. And i dont wast them, i always try to let them out of range of the AA and other Mantas. Same goes also with my Walroses but they go up in flames also to fast. Then i quit using all my vehicles and just use one good manta and drive it by myself. Its very easy to snipe the AAs and F5 + F9 works realy fine. (i hate to do that its kind cheating but the game let me no choice) So my gameplay change wisch is that all the units get more health for longer, better controll able and exciting Battles!
  4. I think its a Game with great potentiale but there is many balacing work to do and the Controlls must be overworked. And also my Game ends when the enemy carrier stops moving and gets killed without defending itself.
  5. This is a PC game why would they optimize the Controlls for a Controller?! Anyways the Control feeling is realy bad, it is more like trying to move soap on a nailplank. First it does notthing but when you press harder it slipps all the way throught the room.
  6. Uhh then i have to wait for some Steam deals and get it even for less than 20€. But thats not the point i want to play it now and i want to support the developers. Why is there no way to get only a Steam version for 20€?
  7. This kinda sucks i don't want to shatter my digital games all over the internet! Is there a way to get only a Steam version for 20€?
  8. Does it mean this Version i can NOT register on my Steam Account later on ?