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  1. Latest beta ( solves all of my problems! This beta has crashed twice for me during play. Uploaded logs and screen-shots here: https://www.bredbandsbolaget.se/portlet-b2-serviceportal/storage/mattisen/bugs/ Thanks, /Mattias
  2. Beta 1.05 fixes this so I can capture another island. Then getting stuck again after Aurora's message when I am moved into control of the hammerhead system and screen just spins... Here's a log-file of some sort, don't know if it helps or not: https://www.bredbandsbolaget.se/portlet-b2-serviceportal/storage/mattisen/bugs/error.log
  3. Bugging out here with the 1.04 patch as well. Windows 7 64-bit. I get to the point where the droids arrive in the tunnel and in the middle of the shooting screen I get a "Production Complete" message, a black screen saying "Saving" and then moved as character 0 to the ocean where the Carrier is steaming to the horizon with me as a spirit floating in mid air. Tried multiple times but getting tired of this...
  4. +1 As a leftie the WASD keys are not good. Tried remapping them to the arrow keys but didn't work.
  5. Multi-player a la the old "flight" on VMS (multiple players in the same plane, for example one pilot, one bomber and a tail-shoooter on different workstations all inside of the same B-52...) would be sooo cool and would be one of the best co-op experiences I've seen.