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  1. Same here. Game immediately crash with Patch 1.3b. Win7x64 with the newest nvidia driver.
  2. CC2012

    Steam or mail order?

    That sounds good. No DRM for the retail Version from Amazon?
  3. CC2012

    Steam or mail order?

    But this also applies to CC? An answer from the official side would be nice.
  4. CC2012

    Steam or mail order?

    Is it true? The retail Version of CC will have no DRM like Steam? I buy, install and play the game without register over the internet? That would be great.
  5. I doesn't mean the beta Version. I am meaning the digital copy of the full-final game upon release. Is the Version from store.bistudio.com DRM free? Will it be DRM free? With DRM Free I mean, I buy the game, and then I never have to connect to the Internet again. No matter what hardware do I get in future.
  6. The Version Carrier Command: Gaea Mission - Play & Contribute about 20 € doesn't require Steam, but is the Game without any other DRM? I have no problem with Steam, I only have a problem with DRM.