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  1. New version 5.0 uploaded.. This version adds a scrambler to the player carrier and when activated it will help you evade detection by the enemy carrier at medium to long ranges. It is ineffective when close to enemy islands or if the enemy carrier is within close range already and it consumes fuel when activated. Speices and myself have been working over the last couple of weeks on making both our mods compatible so when he releases his next update to Deadly Islands it should then be possible to combine both mods together using the modmixer tool. https://www.dropbox.com/s/imn4k6tzjern2ox/nemisismod.zip
  2. Can you move the carrier closer to that part of the island?
  3. He can still ram you, it's not that he tries to but it can happen the odd time if your courses intersect.The attack distances are increased in the mod so it might happen less but when it does happen he tends to steamroll his way through, I debated changing it but which is better? It's not realistic as such but it kinda makes him a bit more interesting and badass if he does ram through the odd time - it's rare but kinda cool scrambling to move your carrier out of a collision course. I've uploaded the mod again and there is a readme file now included with the database changes.
  4. Do you know what changes cause problems? I took a different approach with the refueling so both could hopefully co-exist or if not I can make it check for a common variable or something and toggle it off. Let me know if I can change anything to help.
  5. Glad to hear it worked Crotaro. I've put in some more crash safe guards and some other small changes. v4.9 main new changes are.. * Added 2 levels of Zoom to deckviews - press Z key to cycle through zoom levels * More changes to enemy carrier island/carrier attack decisions * Player carrier can now refuel for free at stockpile island - just stop at island coast to initiate
  6. I've uploaded a new version with some bug fixes.. v4.8 * Fixed mod not referencing correct stockpile islands if changed mid-game * Fixed issue where map would center on carrier instead of selected unit * Fixed deckviews mouseclick issue that restricted carrier guns to fire in single shots only * Fixed enemy carrier no longer receives repair assist when fleeing to same island with player present (made him pretty much invincible if fighting him at his last island) * Fixed some other issues which could cause crashes A quick thanks to Species who has been helping with bug reports and fixes. The enemy carrier destroyed crash I'm not sure about. I reproduced it once and then on subsequent tests I killed the enemy carrier without any crash so it could still be in there. If it happens with this version of the mod let me know.
  7. Do you have a save game that I can use to test? Also are you playing with just nemisis mod or has it been merged any other mods? Edit: nevermind I can reproduce this crash when enemy carrier is destroyed. Now to find what is causing it.
  8. New version uploaded... v1.3 Hud elements are now hidden on deck views for more scenic views Mouse sensitivity in deck views changed to match rest of game Can now cycle backwards through views by pressing X key Other general improvements to the deckview implementation Same download link as first post Known Issues... Some minor flicker when switching in and out of map while in a deckview When you switch to a carrier turret from deck view (using key bind) you need to left click to fire and switch to turret view - if there's a way to detect when carrier turret is being controlled this can be improved
  9. New version uploaded. This includes the same carrier rotation bug fix from the slowships mod and also fixes a bug with the new critical damage mechanic. v4.6 * Fixed a crash when player with critical damage is destroyed * Implemented fix for carrier rotation bug Edit: Deckviews mod is now integrated into nemisis mod - press C,X to cycle carrier views v4.7 * Fixed critical damage not repairing at stockpile island * Deckviews mod integrated https://www.dropbox.com/s/imn4k6tzjern2ox/nemisismod.zip
  10. The new version works well with the uac request, nice work :ok:
  11. That was it, running as admin and the folder is now created. Sometimes it gives an error saying modmixer directory not empty, but it does then clear the directory and it worked when I clicked combine again. Maybe it needs to give more time to clear the directory before moving on, not sure, but it seems to work pretty good overall. If escalating privileges is complicated to do just include a readme that recommends running as administrator. :)
  12. Small issue but if you resize the window the advanced button hovers in it's original position. Also when you click combine and it tells me there are collisions is it supposed to create the combined mod folder or is it aborted? I didn't see any folder created so I'm not sure if it's not working or saving it in a different location or it was just aborted.
  13. No worries guys. I've just uploaded another new version of this mod which fixes some issues that were introduced by the carrier rotation bug fix. Same download link as before.
  14. New version uploaded, same link as before. There was a major bug that prevented the map from scrolling properly but this should be fixed now.
  15. I've uploaded a new version of this mod which should fix the annoying carrier rotation bug. Let me know if this works ok or not. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i1b8pzflsbrt4k0/slowships.zip