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  1. The idea behind spreading out the islands is to actually create choke points and island barriers. Without it, either side can just launch into the opponent's backfield and disrupt supply lines without worry - given that the barque is un-destroyable. I seem to remember there used to be a mod that enabled you to make islands farther apart if you wanted - I think it added a "distance" slider. Would love to find it again myself. Species1571 - first off as a modder myself I really appreciate the work you have done! If you can find a way to allow users to tweak island distance and add that in - it would be great. Thanks!
  2. CaptainHaplo

    Future of 1.05 Beta?

    The .5.26 patch hit steam and solved a few major problems for some of us. Great work, BI!
  3. Thank you BI - the .26 update has resolved this issue!
  4. I have the same issue - I have a save from the game right before I hack the outpost. Uploading to the bug tracker Edit - well I will once I figure out where steam put my savegames.. Anyone know? FYI - I tried reloading from a much earlier save - still the same problem once the CC is hacked. Gonna have to try it from the end of the last island I think.
  5. CaptainHaplo

    Screenl Glitch

    @MikeAP The Envy is a laptop - so your running off of a video chip that is integrated. This means that system memory is being shared for video memory. You are not ever going to get good gaming performence with a laptop that does this if the game requires significant graphix horsepower. What you are seeing is the results of stressing the video side to hard. Going to windowed mode lessens the burden on the video system. The only way your going to get the game to run well in full screen mode is turn the settings down low. Probably not what your wanting to do, but there it is. @Dragofire, I am running a single 6800 card and see no issues. It could be one of 2 things... either your using multiple monitors (a no no with CCGM) or it is taking issue linked cards. Try temporarily disabling one of the cards and running the game. If it is the multiple monitor issue - well you now know you can't do that.
  6. It is currently a sub. That is one thing I would love to see changed - if it was a destroyable surface target it would make the game a LOT more interesting. A fully loaded bargue being destroyed could do a LOT of damage to a battle plan..... Slowing it down is also a necessity. Fuel management right now is really pretty non-existent once you can make enough. Just send supplies - it won't take long to arrive. That really kills a lot of the planning necessary.
  7. CaptainHaplo

    1.05 feedback

    Good to hear - I just lost a walrus on Fulcrum! LOL. Thanks for the continued support!
  8. Call me old school. Increasing the distances between islands and making remote resupply much slower (or slower AND a destroyable cargo barge ala the original) would create a much more strategic style game. Any interest in such a mod, should the tools be able to make it happen?
  9. My thanks as well - I was wondering!
  10. Catobar - by alll means don't. You get to play your way, I play mine. That is what makes it fun!
  11. It astounds me. Are ya'll even playing the same game as I am? I haven't lost a single island to the enemy. I sank the enemy carrier - and never got attacked after that. There is a trick to not losing islands. I can't put it here - but search the forums and you will find it. Make no mistake, it is an "exploit.
  12. Ok - lets make this simple. First - the game isn't a failure. If it was, they wouldn't be making money by selling it. Failure isn't defined by you - its defined by how much profit it makes. Time will tell but every indication is that CCGM will be a success. Second - the game isn't "unfinishable". I have finished it. So have many others. So its not a "fatal, game stopping" flaw. Third - you decided to make public your intent to commit a crime, specifically steal software. Total and unequivical FAIL. Expect that comment to get you censored or booted from the forums - it will from most. Have a nice day.
  13. Is this the one with the reactor, one one "shorted" out? If so....
  14. No. Upon first install there is a one time registration that requires an internet connection. After that, your free to rock and roll.