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  1. I did encounter the same problem. I haven't found a way to take over the island before the enemy's command center was eventually completed. You can't destroy the construction site, you can't hack it either. You have to wait or you move to another island...
  2. scareya

    1.07 beta

    Let me seize the opportunity and thank the devs for the continous support of CCGM. Since the beta I am spending quite some time playing the strategy part of CCGM and I still enjoy the game. It's still one of my favourites. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for answering. I checked it, and yes, <gamemode run="full" /> is the line in my ccsettings.xml file. There are no remains of the beta on my drives. Well, at least not that I know of - there might be some registry entries which I don't be aware of, but I deinstalled the beta before installing the full version. On the other hand I had trouble with strange key assignments in Beta 3 - maybe there is something on my system after all. Anyway I had no cutscene twice, but yesterday all of a sudden there was one. I am working on another carrier showdown, but that "bitch" is occasionally hard to catch... (which is good actually :))
  4. Did I get that right? When destroying the enemy carrier is compulsory, you don't get the animation? Hmm. Doesn't sound right to me. Besides the animation should be played no matter what victory condition you selected. It is basically THE VICTORY, why not celebrate it adequately? Update: I defeated the enemy carrier today a third time in strategy mode. Still no crashes - the game runs exceptionally smooth. This time the sinking animation was presented to me, though. I used the same victory conditions as before, but this time I sunk the sucker by using Mantas equipped with torpedos. I do have to apologize to BI, the sinking animation is available, it just doesn't show all the time...
  5. Yes, you're right. There is one in the trailer. But it's not in the game. Well, at least it wasn't shown to me even after I destroyed the carrier. Twice. As victory condition I selected both "carrier" and "all islands". But nevertheless I felt kinda betrayed even though I haven't conquered all islands at that point. There is a victory message but not a real victory...
  6. I encountered the enemy carrier twice so far and I managed to shred him into pieces with my carriers onboard guns each time. Ok, once a manta of mine helped a little bit (steered manually). But there was no crash after those (glorious) victories, so at least your problem isn't typically. But my disappointment about a not existing - yet promised (see this forum thread) - sinking animation of the enemy carrier is almost unlimited. A simple "You have won!" message isn't by far gratifying enough for all the hunting, planning and fighting for a milestone victory like that. BI, I really like CCGM a lot (I even bought it three times now, just to show you my appreciation) and the final product is without a doubt a very good game (not the least comparable to that pathetic Beta 3 you provided us with), but without the sinking animation the game is just not complete. An appealing ending is a must, even BioWare had to learn that the hard way...
  7. scareya

    First Impressions

    Yes, I would like to buddy up with kylania: Congratulations on the release. My first impressions of the final product are actually very good. The recent Beta 3 scared me a lot, but the release version feels smoother. There are many things to be discovered, the new islands are very nicely designed (the ones I conquered so far at least). Ok, I haven't started the campaign yet - for me the strategy part is more important. There is only one thing that stroke me instantly: There is no way to start a game with each side owing just one island. That is a must, please add it!
  8. scareya

    Beta 3 bug reports

    Why isn't it preselected? Why do you install that "Multiselect" key at all? I do play a lot of games and I NEVER had to select a "Multiselect" key... Don't you see the problem? Why not just forward with forward, left with left and so on? It just doesn't make a lot of sense the way it is. Good to know. But all in all I don't see many improvements compared to Beta 2. Even the pathfinding is the same with stuck walruses and everything. Well, at least you can deploy units while the carrier is moving now. And the game doesn't crash any more.
  9. scareya

    Beta 3 bug reports

    Found it. Thank you. That makes it a bit more accessible. *stillpoundingmyheadagainstsomething* True, that explains why it's turning slowly. But not why it's jumping ahead while turning...
  10. scareya

    Beta 3 bug reports

    Those keys are already pre-selected. But why do I have to select my mantas by typing CTRL+2 and CTRL+3 and CTRL+4 and so on when I HAVE A BLOODY MOUSE? I wish to keep CTRL held down and klick on the mantas or their icon. That's how I have done it in the previous betas too, btw.. :mad: And more: Manual steering of the carrier is still awkward. Why is the carrier moving full speed ahead when I command left or right only? Where is the promised sinking animation of the enemy carrier? You still get just a plain message and the wreck keeps afloat burning. I still can't add anything at the end of the production queue as long as the same item is already in the queue. Why would I do that? Well, I need 4 fuel packs, then I need 1 manta missile, then a hack capsule and THEN AGAIN 4 fuel packs... I need fuel packs ALL THE TIME! But I don't need all of them at once! With the enemy carrier already destroyed one of my islands is still blinking red indicating that it is being attacked (by whom?). Obviously I am not allowed to change the island's type as long as it's being attacked (which it actually isn't because the bloody carrier is already burning afloat). Anyone of BI play-testing this game at all?
  11. scareya

    Beta 3 bug reports

    I played the Beta 3 for 2 hours now and frankly I am horrified. We are suffering the same problems as before and some came on top: The autopilot is still running the carrier aground with the need for costly repairs when steering around an island. The setting of a series of waypoints is no longer possible. The carrier is still heading to the island's port instead of leaving the timewarp when reaching the nearest coastline of a selected island. The carrier stops each time you give him a new movement command. This is EXTREMELY annoying when you are hunting the enemy carrier. No selection of several units with CTRL. Still no free selection of the carrier's waypoint in a zoomed out map display. I think I need a while to cope with those findings. Right now I am severely pissed... :mad:
  12. scareya

    Download size of Beta?

    Is that so? :rolleyes:
  13. scareya

    Beta 3 bug reports

    Negative. Beta 3 is available. I am downloading it right now. Try https://store.bistudio.com. Thanks, BI. :D
  14. scareya

    Beta 3 Now?

    I knew we could rely on you. Thanks, Dram. And thanks to the dev team.
  15. scareya

    Download size of Beta?

    Don't make a fool of yourself! BI confirmed that CCGM is finished and already in production. It will be delivered in ten days. There is no evidence whatsoever that the official release date is not being met. Even the limited Beta provided more fun than quite a few other AAA games on the market. According to Dram the Beta 3 is delayed because of trouble with the installer - I had worse excuses already. Also given the recent developments on Limnos I completely understand that the team has more substantial matters to attend to than a simple beta update. Give them a break! :confused: