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  1. Just tried that in case I'd missed a trick. I launched all of the mantas and set waypoints to cover the major features of the island, each manta had a different flight path, and then return to the carrier. Once they had completed their courses and docked I set sail away from the island but there was no status update for the island so it remains under attack despite the enemy carrier being a burning wreck several miles away from the island in question.
  2. Hi guys, I've come across an issue with Beta 3, which I'm not sure if I saw in Beta 2 or not. When the enemy carrier attacks one of your islands you seem to be notified as soon as the enemy sets sail. If you're nearby you can be there before the enemy arrives and drive him away or destroy him if that isn't a game ending action for you. The issue I have is that in either scenario the island will remain in the "locked" state indicating it is under attack until a new island is attacked or indefinitely if the enemy is destroyed. The locked state means you can't change the island type without destroying the command centre and replacing it. The act of destroying the command centre doesn't reset the island either as I have tried that. I've logged this under http://www.carriercommand.com/feedback/view.php?id=620 but I wondered if anyone else has seen this or can reproduce it. Cheers, Silencer.
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    It's downloading.....
  4. I'm signed up for the full package and I can't wait. I have memories of long gaming binges with the Atari ST version of Carrier Command and I can't wait for the release today.... I wonder if the ST is still in my parents attic?
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    I wasn't sure if there would be the equivalent of a digital midnight release so I went to bed and hoped to wake and find the demo ready to go. Of course it make s a bit more sense for it to go live when the guys get into the office to flip the relevant switches. Just hope they plan an early start today.. :D Edit: Just saw this in the Twitter feed in response to a question about when the beta download would be available: Hi Chris, it'll most likely be at the end of the afternoon. At least you'll have the -1 hour advantage! ;-) I'm actually in danger of having to do something around the house today instead of fighting for bandwidth on the download server with everyone else.