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  1. Interesting. I'll try to shake Frost some more after the next update for good measure. :D
  2. Finally got him to spill the beans. Until now I was only pushing my helo to its limits, doing truly sick maneuvers but keeping torque and airspeed to near-acceptable levels; well, that's not enough. I'm afraid you have to actually damage the rotor doing acrobatics, or Frost won't speak. I understand it's needed to build the dynamic of the mission, but still... it's a bit stupid. Until now only two missions have been problematic for me: - Shakedown (09) where you must treat your helo in the most unrealistically reckless way... - Bullseye (05) because 1. I don't play Arma2 and 2. I don't quite understand why a dozen guys would run after me instead of taking point or spreading out. In the end I had to "learn" the mission to know what the AI does and when the rescue team arrives, which is the worst thing. So that's two very frustrating moments where I got stuck in the game for very bad reasons that have nothing to do with what the game is supposed to be: a civilian helicopter sim. No biggie, but dang I hope there aren't more missions like that...
  3. ztorm

    Lost TIR

    Is TrackIR present and enabled under Options/Controls/Controller/ ?
  4. Yes, I'm another guy stuck at Mission 09: Shakedown. The older threads have no answer to my problem, so here goes. SPOILER ALERT: obviously, stop reading if you haven't reached mission 9 yet ! Thanks !
  5. Wow thanks, this looks awesome.
  6. 1. The theory The PiP window is a 2D duplicate of the cockpit's LCD screen. Both are the same aspect ratio, i.e 4:3 and display the same "video feed". Ideally the video feed should look exactly the same for all players, on 5:4, 4:3, widescreen or multiple-monitor displays. The PiP camera's FOV should be a fixed value, because the LCD screen and PiP window are always 4:3. Unfortunately this is not the case. 2. The facts Here are screenshots of the same "Sling your hook" savegame at various resolutions. Click the previews for larger images. Note: I deleted all config files and changed my desktop resolution to let the game autodetect the correct aspect every time. This is not a general aspect ratio issue. The HUD is identical on all pictures, only the FOV of the "video feed" is affected. See the video feed on the PiP window and LCD screen ? The are identical on each screenshot, but don't look the same on any two screenshots. This is because the PiP camera's FOV changes with the game resolution, instead of being always fixed for 4:3, the aspect of the LCD/PiP window. 1280x960 (4:3) 1680x1050 (16:10) 1920x1080 (16:9) 3840x1024 (3x 5:4) 5760x1080 (3x 16:9) Here's a closer look at each screenshot's PiP. 1280x960 1680x1050 1920x1080 38400x1024 5760x1080 Again, they should ALL look like the first one: a 4:3 FOV for a 4:3 cockpit screen, regardless of the actual game aspect. 3. The humble but fervent request The video feed (PiP and LCD) should look the same in all resolutions, like the PiP window does. So please fix the PiP camera's FOV !
  7. I voted Always - cool, but needs work (yes, it's till true in v1.05) I'd love to be able to fully control the PiP camera, turn it on/off whenever I want, maybe orient it, zoom in/out. Flying around spying on cars and stuff... That would be fun. Actually I found a FOV issue in the PiP that I don't think was reported yet, but as a newcomer I'm not allowed to post pictures, so here I am. :o
  8. ztorm

    Basic Free Flight Help

    If I only want to change wind conditions in free flight, do I also need to use the editor ?
  9. Thanks for this ! Too bad you have to enable free look. I'd love to assign a button to turning the LCD on/off.