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  1. Name: Matthew Soldier name: Silver Age: 21 Language: English Games: Arma 2 and Arma2 Operation Arrowhead Timezone: Eastern Time Location: Canada, Montreal Mic: Yes Experience: Played day one launch of arma2 and arrow head for a year and half then my clan got disbanded, i stopped playing and now I'm trying to get back into arma2 since arma3 is this year ! Roles preferred:Transport helicopter Pilot, and anything that can fly.I also liked spotting back when i was playing with my old squad. I'm not asking to get the role of pilot day one if you don't want to but as long as i can prove I'm good and i can fly eventually its ok with me. Other Roles: humvee driver,troop transport,infantry, support,sniper/spotter I have Teamspeak, Ventrillo and Skype. LOOKING FOR ppl to show me the ropes again since I've been out for a bit. Looking for a bit of a milsim squad(co-op)and must be organized.But no screaming things like "yes sir no sir" that's just frigging wired. no offense to Weird people tho lol I like getting tips on anything that's useful. I'm helpful, mature and a joker. PM me if you got questions. Cheers!