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  1. R33GoNe

    Basic vehicle controls

    me too, more so with the second version of the beta
  2. Yes you will get an email for any updates on the beta
  3. This is being implemented from what i have read.....and i agree it would be nice to have a long range comms pod and fuel tank.....sure consoles would be limited to only 1 island unpacking but i don't see why we cant have it for the PC.....i would happily pay a premium for more features. Please don't limit the PC version because of consoles.
  4. they are fine as they are, you do take a fuel hit as when carrying a walrus it does cause drag which in turn take longer to move thus using more fuel.
  5. There are some damn good ideas there sir...or ma'am as you said "little bonus that she needs"
  6. As above but using the beta drivers....all good here
  7. What he said^^^^ Unfortunately the key remapping does not work in the beta.
  8. Was in the first beta. anyone finding the manta control a bit too twitchy now?
  9. Some welcome changes and fixes, keep up the good work BIS off for some more testing
  10. R33GoNe

    Bugs and suggestions

    Read the post above yours and do that :-D
  11. The feedback site is a different user/login system so you need to create an account for that site
  12. Exactly there are many mp games that take a long time and require saves F1 2011 co-op, settlers to name a few.
  13. Nice vid gazzareth @sav112g i am hoping to do more when i get time :cool:
  14. I usually deploy all my units and then move them back a bit, then take control of my plasma gun and take out its turrets then hammer at its engines as it starts running, I will either let it run or fly low and fast with a manta to take out it's engines. Im currently playing on 2 notches above the default.
  15. The framerate is not capped to 30....i run at 60FPS(Vsync capped) but could untick the Vsync to get higher framerates, my guess would be that the framerate="30" you mention is there for the console release as i think thats what consoles get capped at?