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  1. CybeRNerO

    Take On Mars Pre-Order now available

    Pretty late I came into the new BI fiesta, but I am always on the bandwagon :) <3 Bohemia :) EDIT: Oh, no badge for me? :(
  2. CybeRNerO

    Updating the client

    Yeah, you are right, I never took into consideration the patching method used on the other games made by BI, but I strongly believe that in the case of a beta testing (which the fixes should come out biweekly), a more "automated" way of updating would be appropriate or at least a newest version check should be implemented (so the betatesters won't consume time on reporting solved bugs if they haven't been notified of a newest build). Whatever the way they use though, I will keep providing feedback for this jewel, I have played about 10 hours (with all the known bugs included) and I find it AWESOME!!! Can't wait to see the finished and polished version :)
  3. We have a Beta version and the release of the game is due in September, which gives us 5 months till that day. The build we all downloaded is not the complete one (hence the beta, right?). Is there any module implemented into the current build to check for a more updated one and download the latest changes? Most beta testing projects I have participated had an update check before the game started (I also happen to participate in Alpha testing of a WIP game and it does have that feature too). How are we supposed to beta test the fixes? PS. This is not a complaining post, I was just curious for the way we are going to receive future updates and fixes on the road to release!
  4. OH MY GOD! After so many years, I get to play Carrier Command again! This time with better graphics :) I used to play CC on my Amstrad 6128 with my brother, and you can imagine how this feels! Especially while I haven't played for a while (I have lost the manual of the old game, so I couldn't start the game... the DRM of the old days :P) I will play a while and give you my impressions :)